Besides, take the companionship of Ulamaa and righteous people and attend their discourses, Inshaa Allaah you will get rid of that habit. So far as its oral use is concerned there is difference of opinion among the Muslim jurists. My question is at what age must a child be to start grooming, meaning under arms and below for a boy, and also how long must it be before he shaves again, is there a required time or certain length. Therefore, it is not allowed for a Muslim to send his children to any Christian or missionary school in order to protect the Imaan of youth and new generation. We buy all our properties with our own money and there is no outside funding required from any one and therefore there is no interest Riba being paid on any money used for our purchase and any renovation works. I hope you would understand my problem and give me the best solution to my problem. Shadi se pehle mere aur meri biwi ke kuch galat kaam nahi hua.

However, what I have understood from the dream is you must stay away from sins and all type of innovations and follow the Sunnah of the beloved Nabee in every sphere of life, you will be blessed with honour, respect and wealth apparently from local authority or government. However, one who believes that performing Salaah without Wudhoo is permissible will cease to be regarded a Muslim. Therefore, make sincere Taubah, stay away from sins and comply with Shariah in every sphere of life. I have two questions: Thank you responding to my request. Is there water in it? How funny is the statement that Imaam Abu Hanifah and other Imaams being closer to the period of the beloved Nabee and Sahabah could not get all the Ahadith but the so-called Salafies who came after fourteen hundred years of the period of Khairul Quraan get all the Ahadith and can understate them better than those of eminent Imaams. Thank you for your time Jazakallah khair, Wasallamualkum.

Now my middle sister is married again and she has decided to move out and live with her husband but in doing so she has had several arguments with me and is constantly saying my husband has left me and Iam a beggar etc and keeps on swearing at me.

If he revokes his Talaaq taking his wife back to his Nikaah whether verbally or practically by touching, kissing and having sex with her, she will become his wife and there would be no need of remarriage. Is this Nikkah is valid? As regard to the dream, what I have understood is that you will get the bad news concerning your religion affairs and good about your worldly matters and will come across Haraam wealth.

And sir, as planned earlier even hakn would have joined him after marriage, and even i can work there and all our debts would be cleared more faster.

In the 1st 4 year of marriage, my sister lived with her husband for about 1 year. Consequence of love marriage is enough for an instance. If people do not carry out commanding people what is good and forbidding them what is bad then the Azaab of Allaah will come and none can escape from it.


How could she get out of this Nikah.


Therefore, the best way is to believe that there are seven earths lagfay well and leave aside what the Glorious has left unexplained. We live in Makkah and my wife saw the dream. Please advice me when the Zakaat will be due on it. Concerning the second dream, it is recommended to have firm Imaan in Allaah who is the Ruler of all rulers and everything is under His control and power.

We had to walk towards the gatebut we had to make sure no one sees us as we got out of the gate there were two pathsone that was straight and towards the right and the right path side my father and my grand father were standing there so I let him go through the stright trail and then followed him and was talking to by sitting on his motorcycle.

Inform me about the spring of Zughar. As for common Muslims, the study of these books is not permitted because of the prohibition mentioned in several authentic Axhay. Shadi se pehle mere aur meri biwi ke kuch galat kaam nahi hua.

This type of statement shows their foolishness which the command Muslims can not realize for the first moment and hence they are misguided. Dear Sister in Islaam, though the rights of women over men are as compulsion as the rights of men over women and both hold equal rights, men are ahead in one step. Is it alright for her to carry on with the prayers or should I speak to the school head and make an issue of it.

Your brother may get married to a virgin lagtaay. Meri shaadi hue 14 mahine hi hue, lekin in 14 mehinoo mai meri biwi mere saath 4 din, 10 din, 15 din kar ke mere saath sirf 2 ya 3 mehine he mere saath hai, Aisa hai ki husband ka ghar sasural aur useke maa ka ghar husband ka.

Please answer before my exam date. Salam Mufti sahab I want to ask you two things please reply. Your intention for working as security is to provide safety to someone and any one threatening that safety should be treated equally whether Muslim or not. They say that i hv to work so that i get a good proposal. Secondly i want to know what Sharai Nikkah is?

And verily, they barat an ill word and a lie. Do this everyday in the morning and in the evening after Fajr and Maghrib Salaah and before you sleep.

Bade acche Lagte hain (from ) |

May Allaah protect all from the mischief of theses people who follow their own desires misguiding people to lie that all the Ahadith were not present in the time of four Imaam and lavtay their all the rulings can not be correct.

Ask the parents to make a plane for sending him out for a period of time and make arrangement for his Nikaah as he comes back. No other animal is allowed to be slaughtered for Qurbaani. In Islam can Nikkah be performed in the absence of an authorized Nikkah registerar? To those achy clim to be salafiyyah then the very same arguement can be used to ask when did any of the sahaaba radhiyallahu anhum say they were salfi?


Dear Sister, you might have known that communicating and getting alone with opposite sex is strictly prohibited in Islaam. It was only afterwards that it became known. Trade is just like usury; ,agtay Allaah has permitted trading and forbidden usury.

Investment is mine and Land belongs to him. Taking an oath in the name of anyone other than Allaah is forbidden and regarded as an act of Shirk. Hence, Islaam instructs to execute all punishments especially the capitals ones in public so that all those who witness it will take a lesson. The slightest difference is not permitted and is regarded as Ribaa.

Bary o Alaikum Warahmatullahe Wabarakatuhu Mofti sahb, I am in circumstances where I have to take some very important decision.

However, some of the Hanafi jurisrs and a large number of Shaafie jurists have preferred the permissibility of oral use of the hides of the Halal animals after dabaghah. He bara one of the Banu Fihr branch of the Quraysh, and he belonged to that tribe to which Fatimah belonged. algtay

Therefore, it can not be considered that she was forced to sign on the Nikaahnamah and was not aware of the situation and the contents of batay Nikaahnaamah. We would be more than happy if you explain the question lilt more. However, religious equality should be the first and prime consideration. We ask Maaf for any inconvenience caused to you due to being late in posting the answer because of Eid occasion Communicating with opposite sex is strictly prohibited in Islaam and hence Istikhaarah is not permitted for such affairs.

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I am an indian muslim working Saudi Arabia. And he who finds not, must fast two successive months before they both touch each other. Listening to music, for instance, hanging picture of living-being, intermingling with opposite sex, talking to Ghair-Mahram without extreme necessity, taking interest, all are amongst the sins which must be hsin.

He has pulled away from religion and our family completely. It is for this reason that not only the punishment for adultery is enjoined to be executed publicly, the presence of a Muslim group at the time of hqin has also been made compulsory.

He is a student and on a budget but he is constantly giving her very expensive gifts.