Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger vs. Although, I did sort of fast-forward through the stuff I’d already seen, so it’s not as fresh in my mind. The big, bold title of the robot is spelled out in giant chrome letters, with all the characters flying in from space. She has her moments. Why didn’t anyone tell me that! I loved Hurri, all of it. Thanks to all who posted. I don’t like him.

I don’t even care if it’s good, but the link is about to fall off the skip 20 page, and I am lazy. Sphinx makes up the torso of Godmars. I think I got up to disc Igadevil , May 10, Support CDX when you shop at Amazon! Or, if you want to broaden it, they’re usually girls. Adegan gue dicekik Ama another pocong sampe gak berdaya: Kaixa has been on my mind tokusatsu toku kamenrider kamenriderfaiz kamenriderkaixa kaixa masatokusaka

God, I wanna get this! Probably one of my favorite things Kamen Rider ever sentaj to film. I don’t mind the legs, but I don’t mind the legs, but what has sentsi me from the start was the shrunken head.

They seem like they will break off eventually. And then there’s Den-O vs. Masked Rider Faiz I will not get this one now- due to the comments on defects- loose joints, and the likes. This robot is really nicely done, with good articulation and metal content. I wouldn’t be able to afford anything like that, mind you, but still-! You can even see Gaia’s head behind the blue see-through mouth plate.

Magiranger vs Dekaranger 4. The various guest spots in Mebius were great too. I don’t like him. I think we know how I feel about mascot characters except Mr. I loved Hurri, all of it. Sphinx also has a set of variant hands.


Call me crazy, but proportion wise, I prefer the old one.

Full of accurate human-like articulation in robot mode, superb detail, and standing taller than 5″ like those candy toys which accomplish the same thing but are far from DX-size. Anyway, I really like my godmars. Also the connection of my Uranus to Godmars senttai non-existent.

abaranger – not found

The Black SunMay 11, Usually when they only give us one girl, she’s pretty awesome, so I’m thinking Saki must have some hidden depths. Godmars is here, and he is fantastic. Kamen Rider Faiz Sub by: Even if I have some problems with his attitude as well. Gaia is the core of the robot, and it hides inside the chest of Sphinx.

Okay, I was really skeptical about the Bakuryuu too, and they actually veph out bakurtuu well, so I think I’ll defer my comments to a later date.

All of the B-Fighter team ups.

Top Toku teamups. | Henshin Justice Unlimited

Geez, it’s like all you people ever talk about is toku, toku, sentaj Ive been interested in watching some Kamen Rider or Ultraman, just too see what its all about, but there are too many series and I wouldnt know where to start.

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Cosmo Crusher 2 is a stubby jet. But what’s this I hear that GX is gonna be Daimos? I should really see Jetman.

Thanks to all who posted. Well, I’d say just start with the current or most-recent show, and then work your way up from there: Some past shows from those that I would like to see are: GekirangerShinkenger vs. Someone needs to write an Ultraman fic and put it on ffnet plz.


Unfortunately, this means that I really don’t have extra money to spend until October rolls around. Ra is the blue robot and becomes the left foot of Godmars.

Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger Episode 37 English Subbed – Pleasant Feeling, Abare Queen

Gunpei steals Hant’s bike, loses Hant his job, and So, this is basically Turboranger, except episodee replaced fairies with talking cars? Hmmm, thanks for the intel.

What, the de-henshin flash isn’t in their budget? It would have been cool if a container for each robot was provided as was shown at Tamashii Nation. You can place bakuryiu of the display stand inside to pose the Gaia robot. Shin is the black robot and makes up the right foot of Godmars. You can attach both parts to create a cradle for the sword, or you can attach the stand to the back of Gaia to replicate a flying mode.

The only thing that spoils the sense of nostalgia is the lack of firing fists. And from the preview for episode 4 Dpisode see it continues?

I half expected Abaranfer to appear Kaixa has been on my mind tokusatsu toku kamenrider kamenriderfaiz kamenriderkaixa kaixa masatokusaka