After the Brawlers got used to the fact that Gunz was actually Wiseman, Mira was finally well enough to be discharged from the hospital but the bad news was Wiseman tricked them and stole some of the Battle Suits, however Defendtrix, Blasterate, and Doomtronic were the only ones left, now the pressure was on to get them back. She goes through a Dimensional Gate and the Bakugan fall back. Thorak and Flytris combine into Duomechtra and give the Brawlers the advantage they needed to win the match. Mag Mel retaliates by not only summoning more Razen Titans but also arrives with the evolved Razenoid too. Marucho reminds them to attack their horn and they are then successful. Emilie Barlow as Chris.

Zenthon then speaks and thanks Dan and Drago for creating him and letting him do his job. Michael Mancuso Picture Editor: Mauro Castro as Mag Mel. Next is the awesome smack talking but smart tag team of Marucho and Aquos Radizen. Jason Deline as Drago. Razenoid then tries to aim at Drago but he constantly misses.

Marucho, although making a top notch scientific plan to take down Gunz and his Haos Reptak, Marucho and Radizen lose. However, Dan interprets this as Shun mistrusting him and they argue. After saying this, Mechtavius Destroyer vanishes alongside the Nonets and Wiseman, leaving the Brawlers in big trouble. Also, going through the sewers would reduce the amount of brawlers too and distracting Sellon was useful as the main objective was only to get the flag.

After an intense battle, Dan and Drago emerge victorious, and Gunz decides to put his old life behind him and start anew with Reptak, discarding his identity as Wiseman 2. News News chronological archives Lorenzo Scattorin as Anubias. Then Marucho reveals his plan: After a long time searching, Skytruss and Orbeum locate Wiseman and alert the other Brawlers about him.

Rafe and Paige seem to be disappointed about Dan’s attitude towards Marucho, after he knew that he was the leader while Dan wasn’t with the Brawlers and they decide to acknowledge Marucho as the leader. Meanwhile a new and insidious enemy infiltrates Bakugan Interspace shaking the Battle Brawlers and their fans.


All of a sudden, Chris and Soon fall through the roof and land in the same place. As more spawn from the ground, Noah and the others come to help. Andressa Andreatto as Paige. Later the Brawlers are challenged by two boys named Sion and Lucas calling themselves the Tri-Twisters. Help improve our database by adding an opening theme here.

Dan senses that something is wrong with Drago and he rushes to Drago’s location by riding on Amazon’s head to get to him. Elisabetta Spinelli as Runo Misaki. Mechtsnium Inoue Prop Design: Shelf Life – Urahara Feb mechtanlum, Radizen then fuses with Roxtor and is able to defeat them in battle. He also said that some noble brawlers tried to fend them off but they were unsuccessful.

Shun tries to capture Episodw as he flees, but to no avail. Even though he found the true reason for battling, Aerogan decides to return back to New Vestroia and thanks Runo for being an ‘awesome’ partner.

Stronk tells Mechhanium that he thought Spatterix did not like combining with him but Spatterix admits that audik took back what he said before and that Stronk was the best partner he ever had. That’s not all, the Brawlers are still 1 with their new partners, like the rockin’ hardcore ninja tag team of Shun and Ventus Jaakor.

Wiseman remarks that he is learning more about the brawlers each time he fights them. The Brawlers then discover that Dragonoid Destroyer has two spaces on his shoulders to launch Bakugan during a battle. Shun appears to be winning but Marucho stays determined.

He then summons six Mechtogan: Registering is freeeasy eppisode, and private. Shun helped Soon and Chris regain their passion for brawling, as his battling style reminded them of Sellon’s ability and grace, and they used their own Bakugan to help defeat the Chaos Bakugan. They then think that their gone after Mag Mel and they find them trying to sneak into Mag Mel’s Castle just as they thought.

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Gunz Lazar and the Nonets are angry with Mechtavius Destroyer for robbing them of their revenge against Drago. They head to a stadium where Wiseman bakugaj them. Next up is the long awaited brawl between Dan and Shun, with Dan mimicking Shun and Jaakor’s ninja style of brawling to win the match. During the rain in Bakugan Interspace, there is a shadow of a weakened Sellon hobbling.


Then they attempt to fly up a cliff, but the strong wind pushes them down. Shun and Marucho tell Dan that they still think he should not fight, but decide to support him anyway. Rafe succeeds in stalling for time as Paige gets the flag and the win goes to the Battle Brawlers. Mag Mel walks over to get the gate and key but is attacked by Neathian forces led by Captain Elright, Aranaut on Rapilator, and an army of Haos Raptorix.

Rafe tells them that their main priority is to protect Dan, who is no longer conscious, and the mrchtanium girls regain their confidence and join the fight.

The two of them struggle to fight it, not even managing to land a hit because of Zenthon’s shield. However, Rafe and Paige are having a little trouble with the Chaos Bakugan. Gunz throws out Spatterix who tries to hold back the blast surgf is not powerful enough.

Bakugan Mechtanium Surge bg audio

He speaks out to the crowd, taking the position of leader and claiming that as the new leader of the Brawlers he will abolish the harsh and dangerous style of brawling accidentally set off by Dan and Drago.

Kato discovers a problem in the BI and more Dreadeon clones arrive. Neil Parfitt Executive producer: They then head through a Dimension Portal but at the end, there is an electrical shock which makes them have a very hard landing. Bakuggan Wituch as commentator 17 episodes eps, 27, 40,