With their shows continuing to be a success, increasing support for the center’s demolition to be repealed, the girls prepare for a second season of Hina-Nectar. Undemanding and pleasant visit to a peaceful war. Nice clean designs, but minimal animation for an action series. For me it seemed a split between Konohana Kitan and The Ancient Magus’ Bride although not as good with either story or production values ; a young woman working to pay a family debt to avoid forced marriage to the rather kind demon-owner of a magical-realm inn. Agreeing to give her a chance, Misaki has Hatsuri give a test performance to prove herself. The Slip comedy retro and continuing more dramatic Silver Soul arcs resume the first half of the finale, second half this summer. Warning, it is at the core a police show, so expect violence.

Visually similar to the Monogatari series both good and bad with a bit more animation. Sequel series, creepy and beautiful. Retrieved July 8, Good series stories with action but no clear conclusion and continues with OVAs and a second season. Futuristic science fiction with an intergalactic war and enemy. Serious entry into the second Silver Soul arc and the end of the franchise. It appears to be the beginning of the end.

Only the ending is a bit of a letdown. Different character art from the TV series, and quality struggles in places, but still good. Astaortte and cute characters in fun and funny short stories. Never coherently focuses on either story or characters. Based on the traditional Chinese story “Journey to the West”. Astarogte with link in Blu-ray player. Production quality of the TV series. Killer moe, NFE for graphic and bloody violence scenes and a female character that is often completely nude.


Simple but cute female character designs that destroy monsters developed from a video games of the same name. High production omocah throughout with mostly great animation and the characters we all know and love. Birdy the Mighty Decode: Pensive, philosophic somewhat distopean view of the near-future. Simple animation, nice music. Enjoyable with a sad but satisfying ending. Wit’s beautiful and magical original side-stories of the TV series from the manga.

Completed second time Rather dull and depressing outside of the excellent action sequences.

aldebaran66’s Anime

A clearly minor contribution to the harem sub-genre with lower than usual production values and ugly character designs. Fair production values, decent dub. The final three episodes do the most to recapture the spirit of the original series.

Good story somewhat limited by the art and animation. Still plays some episodes for parody and some for humor, those are the best. The six short OVA extras are fun. Visually interesting dpisode to the first movie but not as compelling, as it is missing the major until the final scene and is dense on philosophic rambling and a plot that is even more incomprehensible.

Art and animation are okay but nothing special.

Astarotte no Omocha! Episode 4 – Chia-Anime

The music is produced by Nippon Columbia. But it is a beautiful show. The studio is not quite up to the character detail and animation of other ecchi productions. Sparkly and sexy gynoid warrior joins the household amid a robot apocalypse. Serious arc starts too late.

Astarotte no Omocha! Episode 1 – Chia-Anime

Pacing is slow and a significant part of the story is told in dialog in episode Has some light-dark band censorship over some of the more gruesome scenes. The animation is only OK and the artwork occasionally shows Sunrise’s excellence. While it keeps expectations low it is easily the best ecchi show of the season. noo


Brother-sister romantic drama with limited art and animation. Good side story, told mostly in dialog and flashbacks. Rather dull online-game real-life SOL rom-com.

The series features more drama in the subsequent years but still occasionally very funny. Nice action, mystery, romance with no questions answered. I would rate it so highly as the final episodes seemed to simply waste the good character development and story arc of the earlier episodes. Omocja Subtitled only Sentai release. Good story and very good character designs and production values. From the early s.

Based on a Sega game with lots of naked lady-fight action. Taking on the role cjia director, Genki takes on a spartan approach to try and help the others bring out their full potential as heroines. OVA – 52 minutes.

Features the girls in a middle school athletic festival dance routine. Movie – 70 minutes. Free online at AN. Nice A-1 graphics and animation of contest fights in arenas similar to SAOL but, like that show, this one too is oddly static, ni the groups just fight each other most of the time.

The English VAs sing!