Mon Feb 25, 5: As material serves the stainless steel of a series promoting longer resource of use. Tuukka Jokinen Ase Utra sound suppressors. Oct 31, 4 22 33 EU. By submitting a question, you confirm your agreement with user agreement. Media New media New comments Search media.

The S series SL7i suppressors reduce the weapon sound pressure level by dB depending on calibre, ammuntion type, measurement location. Currently in final product testing are SL7 models in. I agree to receive offers from other companies. Ase Utra Rahkeentie 6, Joensuu, Finland – tel: Mon Feb 25, 5: Net sound suppresssion 1m left of the muzzle,. I suppose my question is this, will the S5 be as good a recoil control as the Northstar which I have used in the past and it has performed very well indeed? Tuukka Jokinen Ase Utra sound suppressors.

Resources Latest reviews Search resources. S series SL7i suppressors are available with a varietyof internal threads to fit directly onto the rifle barrel.

Your message must contain at least 20 symbols. My dilemma is should I go for the Northstar NS-3S, grammes and approx mm overhang, or, the new S5 moderator, with slightly more overhang at mm but lighter in weight at grammes Ade stalking in mostly Scottish open hill and weight can be an issue, more sp7 rifle balance than actual carrying weight but recoil suppression is paramount especially when culling hinds and firing successive shots over a lengthy period of time.

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Hi Tuukka Jokinen I seris have a sako A7. Goods for pneumatic weapons. The barrel is 20″ and it can get “punchy” over a few weeks culling. Forums New posts Search forums. What do you think Tuukkawould the sound and recoil be less with the SL7? We have generally limited the SL5 for non magnum calibres, not because of durability, but on the magnum calibres, the hearing damage threshold gets quite close.


Tue Jun 07, 5: Net sound suppresssion 1m left of the muzzle. S series SL7i suppressors feature a robust construction and they are built for a long service life. To activate, use the link in the E-mail that we have sent to you.

Thanks in advance Sika. Oct 31, 4 22 33 EU. Search Everywhere Sries This forum This thread. The end result is a lightened variant of the S series S5 suppressor called the SL5. You’d have to check to see about overseas purchases.

Hi, I m looking for an ase utra sl7 suppressor for my wm bolt action ; i saw ase utra made a borelock to mount this suppressor on a muzzle break; i ask seriea gunsmith if it would work on a wm and he s,7 me on a magnum caliber the only way to mount a suppressor is a muzzle thread and not a quick detachable system which will not be safe and will break quick.

Would the SL5 work for a long barrel 27″ Ack Imp rem improved? I would prefer have the choice to order an American made suppressor but as i’m in Europe it’s very hard to have it maybe impossible as a civilian user.


New and improved S series SL5 suppressor. Fri Oct 15, 1: We created a Personal Account for you to make the process of buying faster and serkes in the future.


We recommend to see Silencers for pneumatic weapons. Weight Depending on thread type. So in this case the particular gunsmith perhaps does not have experience with our products and has given incorrect information. Any specific reason your going for that can?

Forums Sniper’s Hide Suppressors. Balls for phneumatic arms. Also the suppressor may be too short, when compared to the power of the calibre. SL7i suppressors are updated and lightened variants of the earlier S7 suppressor. It ultrx a very can.

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The S series SL7i suppressors also reduce recoil and muzzle flash significantly. The message must not be more than symbols. At the testing held by the editorial office of the magazine “The world of hobbies: I suppose my question is this, will the S5 be as good a recoil control as the Northstar which I have used in the past and it has performed very well indeed?

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