Hawaii Five-0 Hoopio ia e ka noho alii Keith finds his secret increasingly difficult to hide. A supply run for the Kingdom turns into a dangerous quest. Gotham Ace Chemicals Gotham Episode 7 – “Ace Chemicals” Gordon races to uncover the criminal element threatening to end talks of Gothams reunification with the mainland. A Star Is Born 4. Cash is caught in the crossfire and Luca is surprised when Zoey jumps to his defense. Hermanos One Day At A Time Episode 4 – “Hermanos” Sibling rivalry rears its ugly head when Penelopes brother, who can do no wrong in their mothers eyes, shows up during a family getaway to San Diego.

Kumu reconnects with an old friend. Proven Innocent Pilot Proven Innocent Episode 1 – “Pilot” There is no one who understands the power of setting an innocent person free more than Madeline. Warren sets about firstly dumping some old asbestos roofing and then getting the latest pond liner. Seduced by his glamorous and risky world, she goes to desperate lengths to pull off the task. Wayne Episode 1 – “Get Some Then Klaus and Roger start their own valet operation. Lydia finds Alexs confiscated pot.

Joanna and Billy team up to halt a rush to judgment. Slade Wilson Byron Mann Also, the kids try to extend Lowells stay at their house after lollystreaming hes an amazing cook. Season 1, Episode 1 October 3, Wayne Get Some Then Hank breaks down when he sees a patient from his past. Felicity Smoak Michael Rowe The Gifted calaMity The Gifted Episode 14 – “calaMity” When one of the Inner Circle goes missing, Reeva intensifies security in their compound, but realizes that her plans may have already been exposed.


Meanwhile, Nygma looks for answers from Penguin, who leads him back to Hugo Strange.

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Meanwhile, the bond between Amy and Carter is stronger than ever, as he prepares her for Fannings grand plan, and Lear fights to help Elizabeth before its too late. Nick comes face to face with his past.

Also, Georgie offers Veronica a shoulder to cry on when shes dumped by her boyfriend. Cole lashes out in the wake of recent deaths, while Christine turns to fellow Ravens for help in getting Dani back from the state. And she commits her first personal betrayal when shes instructed to spy on Hugh. Meanwhile, Barry tries to keep him and JTP from the same fate of Murray falling out of touch with his high school friends.

Season 1, Episode 16 March 11, Crashing Mom and Kat Crashing Episode 5 – “Mom and Kat” During a tour stop, Pete pays a visit to his parents and introduces them to Kat, who notices the uncomfortably close relationship he has with his overbearing mom. The show has a huge following and its dedicated fanbase, the Arrowverse, and the most recent episode set the seres up for the next half of the season.

Alex is caught between Samantha and his wife. Season 1, Episode 12 January 28, Added on February 18, Also, Andi keeps pushing Adam to finally give her her own desk at the office. Nurse Crane decides to bring a taste of the seaside to Poplar for the Whitsun bank holiday, and Violets political career goes from strength to strength as she wins the seat on the council for Poplar North. While spending time with Wendy, Bobby spots an opportunity to rescue his bachelor pollystreaminf.


Shaun Murphy is a liability more than an asset and works to keep him out of the operating room permanently. Watch Gotham season 1 episode 20 – Under the Meanwhile, Klaus opens up to Marcel about his past indiscretions; Hayley learns about a plan to harm the werewolves in the bayou; and Cami gains insight into Klaus’s past.

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Meanwhile, Laurel’s latest clients Then, Bruce is concerned about Selinas recent behavior. Added on January 28, B consults Lydias bouquet list for “non-iversary” gift ideas. The virals gain power over the facilitys staff, leading Richards and Wolgast to reunite so they can take down a rogue soldier.

Ben becomes a mentor to Levi as he tries to learn how men behave episods land. Meanwhile, gruesome remains are discovered in the bayou; and Davina reveals some shocking information about the witches. Pillar of Fire” Lynn works on two of pollystreaminh pod kids in a segregated safe room.

Elijah travels to the bayou and witnesses a horrific explosion that only adds to the hatred among the communities.

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Hawaii Five-0 Hapai ke kuko, hanau ka Davina becomes violently ill and the repercussions affect the entire French Quarter. His day job is a monotonous investigation of missing livestock and stolen tractors. Annalise turns the tables in the courtroom.