Armida appeared at theatres outside Prague only sporadically: Drawn from a popular Italian epic, the story of Armida is simple. You may disable the use of cookies if you do not wish to accept them, however, this may limit the website’s overall functionality. Armida was written to be performed at the Teatro di San Carlo , Naples , on 11 November to celebrate the opening of the rebuilt opera house, which had been destroyed by fire the previous year. A number of press reviews referred to this sorry state of affairs: The heathen sorceress Armida seems to have triumphed over the crusaders, but fears that her conquest is not complete without gaining the love of the Christian knight Rinaldo. In Armida, as elsewhere, this supreme skill was brought to perfection, despite the fact that or all the more so since elements of oriental music are somewhat removed from the Czech environment and have little in common with the traditional notion of the Slav operatic genre.

Rinald defies his will and decides to flee with Armida. Services below require separate subscription. Rinaldo flees to escape Goffredo’s wrath who wants to punish him. Dvorak so exasperated as he was during the full rehearsal for Armida. And, in this, no-one here can equal Dvorak today. It is based on an episode from the epic tale by Italian Renaissance poet Torquato Tasso, La Gerusalemme liberata Jerusalem Delivered, which, with a considerable dose of fantasy, describes events unfolding during the First Crusade.

The premiere at the National Theatre in was followed by a mere six repeat performances, after which it disappeared from the theatre for twenty-four years. Armida struggles between love and desire for revenge “Dove son io? In the 17th and 18th centuries it inspired a burst of fascinatingly different operas by Lully, Handel, Vivaldi, Jommelli, Salieri, Sacchini, Synospis and Haydn, to name just a few.


Torquato Tasso ‘s Gerusalemme liberata. As in his preceding Rusalka, the basic principle of the musical-dramatic construction is the leitmotif, which is here introduced with a considerable measure of originality and invention.

His 62 piano sonatas and 43 piano trios document a growth from the easy elegance suitable for the home music making of amateurs to the snyopsis virtuosity of his late works. The heart of the story, armmida envisaged by Vrchlicky, is the passionate relationship between Armida, the daughter of Hydraot, King of Damascus, and the crusading knight Rinald, each from two different enemy camps. Although remorseful Rinaldo is unable to escape Armida’s enchantment. Ubaldo welcomes Rinaldo, who prepares to go into battle.


She chooses revenge, destroying the pleasure palace and flying away in a rage. However, this was never the mechanical selection of existing thematic material. The choice he has to make is an age-old one: When they arrive in Armida’s enchanted gardens, they are overwhelmed by the beauty of them, even though they know it’s all armiad illusion. Admida, when the enchantress leaves, they come out into the open; using Rinaldo’s reflection in their adamantine shield, they show him how disgraceful and deplorable it is for him to be enslaved by Armida.

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Armida was written to be performed at the Teatro di San CarloNapleson 11 November to celebrate the opening of the rebuilt opera house, which had been destroyed by fire the previous year. A steep mountain, with Armida’s fortress at the top.

The enterprising British violinist and impresario Johann Peter Salomon lost no time in engaging the composer for his concert series in London. Act 2 Scene 1: Sections of the Theater. As Rinaldo moves off, she sends an infernal chariot after Rinaldo.

Ubaldo warns Rinaldo to beware Armida’s charms, and reproaches the dereliction of his duty as a Armiida. With a simple nod, she transforms the forest into the interior of a magnificent palace where nymphs, dwarfs and cupids are dancing, weaving symbolic figurations, including that of a young soldier being seduced by the nymphs and entrapped in the arms of love.

Recording of a Met Live-in-HD performance.

Ubaldo and Carlo restrain Rinaldo, armidaa to bolster his strength, and ultimately drag him away from her. His Armide is aggressive and hateful but also damaged and pained, prone to the same illusions and doubts she inspires in others.


In my great regard for my Maestro and teacher, I never dared express my admiration for his works, whichever they happened to be.

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Plzen andBrno andOlomoucOstravaand and Liberec One remarkable aspect of his contract after was the freedom to sell his music to publishers and to accept commissions. Armida mounts her carriage drawn by dragons and, in the midst of smoke and flames, chooses vengeance.

King Idreno is alarmed that the crusaders have crossed the Jordan River. The bravest of these, Rinaldo, has fallen under Armida’s spell. The rehearsals were thus entrusted — at the request of the composer himself — to conductor Frantisek Picka. With proper diligence one can learn to compose music, but only a singer blessed amida God can sing from the heart.

During the composer’s lifetime it was also performed in PressburgBudapest, Turin and Vienna.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Ariadne auf Naxos Ariadne auf Naxos, Oper with a prologue and one act. Formal, Informal, and Beyond. A Chrisian soldier fighting in the Crusades is seduced by an Arab sorceress.

This page was last edited on 13 Januaryat Armida was the last opera Haydn created for the opulent surroundings of the Eszterhazy Palace, where it received a phenomenal 54 performances; Haydn himself judged it his best opera. We caught up with Rachelle Durkin, conductor Antony Walker and director Crystal Manich to discuss the upcoming production.

He certainly never expected to hear any words of praise. Armida More info on Armida Composer: Using a gold bar, they make the nymphs flee as they try to get closer to them. Rinald sets off to fight Ismen, whom he kills, but then faces a duel with another knight who stands in his way. Armida prays for Rinaldo’s safety.