Please click and report any spam comment. Mr Know it All -Total knowledge – arcane walkthrough ophelia html? Prescott will start the car and will start pulling the stone to the trench that Prescott dug. Then you can open the doors pushing a button in the middle. User info Male 3, posts Zodiac: Anonymous has no status. I thought that Alicia Vonarburg is the baroness? Open the sealed door using the mask first you have to take out the stone.

Edit [b]How do you light the candles in episode 2?????????? From upper row turn on the middle one, from middle row a left one, from bottom a right one. Also the claw will only scratch one of the two stones. Add Thread to del. There are very few things worse than being stuck in sunken submarine. Complete the shelves with right elements, according to daemons’ properties: Here is one more from me:

On the hook walktrhough the violet jewelry you’ve found in the warehouse. The Stone Of Destiny 5. Prescott will dig a trench to lift up the slab.

Games are copyrighted or trademarked by their respective owners and authors. You may now open the grate on the ground using this nameless tool mentioned abovelook down to canals and see why you must do now what you must do Go downstairs, hang up on a pipe going above the bars and get to the nozzle.

You should see a cylinder going up. Potbelly Hill Mystery Walkthrough 3. Drag the demon hands to that slab and slash it from top to bottom while holding down the mouse button. Allthrought the directions are serila of this part. Go out through doors. Thanx a lot for taking the effort!! Not difficult task to do, but since it’s being all the time interrupted by the fight scene don’t forget to keep Prescott defencing himself!


Don’t care of the passengers; they won’t object.

Play Arcane Season 2: The Stone Circle: Episode 8 Game

If you run out of time, terrible things may happen! Click on the 2nd stone from the right.

It should be monks caring a relic box. Yearly Most Popular Games. Go upstairs, then to the right.

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It just keeps missing. Trap The Serial Killer 5. Prescott will attach the hook to the stone. Draw a circle similar to the shadow. Please click and report any spam comment. Color Circle Room Escape Walkthrough 4.

Play Arcane Season 2 – The Stone Circle Episode 8 Game Free Online

Click on the left to go back to the stone circle. Using the spanner turn the nuts or whatever it is to make the same symbol as on the nozzle – a line myshery a circle in the middle. SteppenWolf Chapter 2 – Episode 1 Hacked 3. Put it in the patephon and hear the message. SteppenWolf Chapter 2 – Episode 1 4.

Arcane Online Mystery Serial -The Stone Circle (Episode 1) Walkthrough Games

To win the game, you will have to master all of them. Prescott will notice that the shadow cast by the stone has a circle on it.


From a tool-box under the stairs pick up a tool I don’t know it’s english name. Hood Episode 4 Walkthrough 5.

There are very few things worse than being stuck in sunken submarine. Click on the rocks beside or front the car.

Open the sealed door using the mask first you have to take out the stone. Forgive my poor english, I hope I am understandable at all If it is to help, I have allready the episode 2 made, too.

Click on the arrow by the trunk to go back to the car. It’s a long story so be patient. Click on the icon appearing at the bottom-right corner of the screen to open the diary; you will be able to perform the following: Click some 2 stones on the left and right.

Sometimes you can simply click on the icon of the object; on other occasions you need to drag and drop the icon onto the background or a character to activate the object. The Baroness is a traitor and wakens circl demon. Arcane2 – walkthrough episodes SD Magic House Escape. You will see a sign on per circles.

Here you are, my poor little thread! Finished the first episode, so thought I could share my experience. The stones won’t go anywhere. The mmystery is absolutely brilliant. Evil Stone Walkthrough 5.