I love that this show plays each episode out like that. It hasn’t been fully subbed on viki yet But speaking of her, what I’m thinking now is that the person who destroyed her life and family was Lord Choi, and that perhaps she allowed herself to be possessed because she made a deal with the evil fairy–that by letting her body be used, that the fairy would help her destroy Lord Choi–however right or wrong. I think that somehow Mu Yeon has more power than she should, and probably fled from heaven for some reason. This is getting good. Will Arang have to be sacrificed? EO inherited his powers from her. Let me go check.

So, will the Christian metaphor pull through? Your email address will not be published. If not, I’ll just have to wait for it on Friday. Thank you for the recap. Flashback to a sick child crawling over to ask for his mother. I’m surprised that this show has been on the back burner in comparison to Faith when it comes to watching it.

I think he knew his mother is a fairy and so he is, he sinopwis he will go far away with his mother i think it’s heaven that’s why, he said to Arang you probably in heaven.

Bang-wool is sitting in her spot, going over that familiar voice she heard the other night, when Arang happens to walk past her. Oh — forgot about that. All of the above?


Bang-wool catches a glimpse of Eun-oh as he comes in, and thinks that he looks familiar. Stardust September 14, at Kiara September 15, at 4: Do they know of her existance?

Is the girl in jagistrate mirror Im Joo Eun??? I couldn’t help but think that when he told Arang this is what heaven is the flower field that he’s been there since he really died when he got sick.

But the complicated thing is Thanks to all the wonderful subbers. Mom says that the girl must be harder to woo than expected—is she ignoring the advances of such a young, handsome man?

People who complain need to spend eternity with Creepy Mom. Thanks for the recap!

Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes – Korean Drama Sinopsis Indonesia

Mom goes down into her lair, but then something makes her turn back. Why am I so sad There us definitely something there!!!

Ah the thoughts, the questions! I think the talismans — when they were still hanging up on tree branches and such — act more like an invisible fence. But then it occurs to Eun-oh that he should be asking questions too, like whether Mu-young recognizes that hairpin. CaroleMcDonnell September 14, at 5: Thank you for the jagistrate once again. She magsitrate looked different in terms of outfits in Eun-Oh’s memories as compared to the mom Joowal visits each time.


It’s the Song of the Day too!

If you look back in episode 6, Eun-Ho tries to put together all the talismans as if they were pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, and he was able to find them through dpisode simple process of pattern recognition and deduction: Issa September 14, at 1: What happened to the young master who ignored injustice?

There’s no scene of her reaching back to her “plate” for another one.

Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes

It sounded as if wifey happened upon that. Nice guy is also good but there’s so much info right from the start and I’m not curious about anything now.

I too am exceedingly grateful for all subbers and the amazing work they do. Weenah September 20, at 9: Poor kid was literally dying and his mom just runs off like that.

I have the same question above. Mia September 20, at 9: