I’m surprised that this show has been on the back burner in comparison to Faith when it comes to watching it. I love the onion metaphor! The sword goes up a second time aimed at Bang-wool, but Eun-oh gets there in time to fight them all off. I want to devour every single details and scenes. Those old fogies are stingy. Agree about the fight. Thanks for the recap, girlfriday! I’m fangirling the Jade Emperor — in a pure motherly way, of course.

There’s got to be some catch. Arang is making my week along with Reply that already ended: I was totally thinking the same thing about the Scoobies! I might have missed that. Not checking subbing team anymore coz I watch in the app. Those old fogies are stingy. This is a badass fight. I wouldn’t be surprised if some jumped ship or moved over to subbing Nice Guy, since many people seem dissatisfied with Arang.

Yea no kissing there lol. Bundled with them is the final talisman he was reaching for when he fell. EO’s mom probably readily accepted as a way to get back at Choi. My guess is that the mirror reflects the true self or soul of the person looking in it. What is the Jade Emperor doing there? Eunoh-Muyeong fight scene is so jjang! Taemin as Cameo in High kick 3. I guess we can expect some more unexpected twists in the future, though!

I agree that the Big Bad needs bodies and souls for different purposes – the souls of pure innocent girls every 3 or so years to maintain her soul’s youth, and the bodies to occupy and replace when they grow old. Seorang ayah yang selalu melindungi. This drama is really keeping me on suspense. The mysteries in this show are just so well thought out and the progression of the reveals are perfectly paced, I think.


I’m usually bad at recognizing celeb cameos, but I definitely recognized eipsode in like 2 seconds. Noemi September 19, at 8: Thanks to all the wonderful subbers. I’m a bit confused about something, can someone please explain to me? So now I just watch raw then come here for recap. The rescue breathing technique has been around since the 18th century or earlier.

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Please enter your username or email address. I do, I do! And today brings another twist in the ratings game: I too an exceedingly grateful for all subbers and the amazing work they do.

The man with the knife raises his arm to strike… and then gets a dagger in the back. She wants to keep her power, which she can only have on earth, so she’ll do anything she can to keep it.

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I can’t seem to let this go Jade Emperor’s been preparing Eun Oh for a long time. Well, he only intended on kidnapping Arang to get the magistrate here, but apparently 11 got in the way so they brought her too. Those old fogies are stingy. The man raises his sword…. Arang is making my week along with Reply that already ended: Mu-young insists that he left his relationship with his sister behind, a thousand years ago.


As Arang walks through the marketplace, Eun-oh reads another passage from the journal. The Big Bad is supposed to be more than years old, so that’s a lot of bodies. Sinopsis Silenced The Crucible []. All of the above? Joo-wal paces in the yard thinking about Arang and Eun-oh, and then ducks behind a wall when he sees Evil Junior come out.

Not to mention we have so many good dramas airing all week everyone is on multiple dramas. Thanks for the recap. Thanks for the recap! That would be awesome! Rin September 22, at 7: I’m happy that a lot of aramg got answered although a million more came up. Flashback to a sick child crawling over to ask for his mother.

Too good to be true. Thanks for the recap, girlfriday! She figures out their plan pretty quickly—that going after Arang means sinopeis draw her out into the open. It was well-matched and well-fought Raang the characters were trying to solve their own mysteries while doing so- talk about efficient! Which is why I think EO has an expiration date on him as well.

And pretty please, can we visit the martial-arts-teaching-demon-slaying-master up in the mountains? Redge September 19, at Exactly, thats why I ditched cable and start watching them online.