As she is searching she finds a trail of blood leading to a door on a hillside. Laurence right off the bat is affectionate and shows a romantic interest towards Aphmau. Just In All Stories: Aphmau starts to prepare Phoenix Drop for the worst and rally’s up her friends and allies to fight along side her. Shes successful and jumps right in. Endivinity reviews Updated and fixed. Aphmau journey’s across the land to find those who she can call on to aid her. The lord threatens Aphmau that a war will start if she does not return Nicole to him in the next five days.

Endivinity reviews Updated and fixed. As the alpha attacks he smells a familiar scent, the scent of Kiki. Now it is time to start working on the law, Sly and I have a few things to lay down but we’re not the only ones who get Aphmau decides not to give it to Zane for the better good. It turns out Modzilla is still a little iffy but Tommy has no problem kicking things Cadenza wants to go back to Meteli and her asked Aphmau to escort her there how will Cadenza’s father react to her finallt home? Maid in Heaven Minecraft Diaries [S1:

Lo and behold it turns out to be harder than she anticipated, non-the-less she continues to seek the However a sexson ship appears at the docks.

He says he was captured by shadow knights who used a crystal that absorbed his magics, now unable to heal people by himself. When they arrive Lucinda helps Logan recover. At the doors of Phoenix Drop, an old friend waits Now making Zane the new enemy target. Aphmau dismisses Laurences moves.

Aphmau minecraft diaries season 1 episode 60

She discovers Cadenza is with the chicken shaman, but in the minecdaft of a chicken on accident. The stranger protects Aphmau along side the others. She then realizes that the masked man led her to a village.

Aphmau and the daries of Scaleswind put aside their differences and Sclaeswind joins the Phoenix Alliance. Aphmau, now heart broken, leaves Matilda with so much respect for her. Which they soon discover is possessed by a ghost child named Malachi. Aphmau starts to prepare Phoenix Drop for the worst and rally’s up her friends and allies to fight along side her.


Aphmau extends her hand in marriage to Zane in miinecraft attempt to stop the war before it starts. As she is searching she finds a trail of blood leading to a door on a hillside.

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While that was happening Garroth remembered a request from Azura, a guard of Bright port requested. Aphmau and Haley and Lo make it to the Phoenix Alliance Island, where she had to make some tough decisions. Please keep it to the mlgHwnT and Kuledud3 groups. They escape the nether and arrive in the overworld. Garroth does not want to get married, so he just waits out his days. Once they successfully rescued the chickens, Laurence sacrifices himself to ensure Aphmau and the chicken shaman return to the overworld safely.

T – English – Romance – Chapters: Laurence and Garroth suggest going to the beach! Aphmau knocks Zenix out, but as she did that the masked man appeared and took Zenix away, vanishing. Minecraft Diaries Beach Vacation! The next morning Aphmau sees a box at her door step.

Aphmau journey’s across the land to find those who she can call on to aid her. In the cells they meet a witch named Lucinda. Puppy Love Minecraft Diaries [S2: Related wiki Bio Template. Sezson continues on her way and finds a old man who is looking for wyvern lair logs, and asks Aphmau if she can get some for him from the wyvern dimension.

Rated T but maybe M later. The Truth About Thongs?!

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During the process they find a cellar beneath the home that can only be open seaskn a key. However, Cadenza, the daughter of Hayden has been missing and both candidates blame each other for her disappearance. Full of smut and fluffiness and Yaoi. Aphmau concludes that thats none of her business and continues her quest. His reason is so it doesn’t start a second war between wyverns and humans. But in order to create it, she has to use Urngerths xeason stone.


Aphmau arrives at the village and meets the head guard, Laurence. Story Story Writer Forum Community. My story starts in the middle of episode In the Shadows Minecraft Diaries [S1: A vanilla survival series in the new Aquatic Update with a whole bunch of other people New merch: While searching the village, Aphmau spots a white wolf, discovering it to be Lowell, all grown up now.

When they arrive the alpha reveals his name to be Boldolf. Aphmau sets off to find these people, concluding they must know something about the lord. To ensure the safety of the amulet, Aphmau gives Laurence the job of protecting the amulet. Aphmau tells the lord she still cannot find Nicole. When they arrive in the over world the nether portal is broken again from the inside, trapping the shadow kinghts, and Laurene in the nether. On her trip back to Phoenix Drop, she bumps into Laurence, who is riding his wyvern, Urngerth.

Aphmau agrees and she is handed a music box by Matilda, which plays a song she used to sing to Levin. When Laurence wakes up he tells Aphmau that he was knocked out by Garroth and has stolen the amulet from him. Aphmau accepts his offer and is handed a staff to transport her there. To celebrate the arrival of Levin, the village throws a baby shower for Aphmau and Levin. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.