She is Irene [ep. I hope y’all enjoyed me reacting to this vid. Little summaries will be at the top of each oneshot. Started it at 4am, passed out halfway through woke up at 2pm and finished it. Haha, some writer I am. One quick motion is all it’d take. I am still only half Shadow Knight.

Ivy and the Wolf. All characters belong to the great and wonderful Aphmau Senpai! I swear all of her episodes end in cliffhangers, really important ones too. Is Melissa Actually Dead? That if a member of the Jury of Nine happened to fall, you would be qualified to replace them. Blake Mako is all that and more.

So, take sseason pick. First fic on ao3, so I’m not a complete newbie, I’ve posted on fanfiction. Anyways, again probably bad, might have errors since I was tired. I hold out my hand and she takes it.

Aphmau Minecraft Diaries – Zane’s House – Minecraft Diaries [S2- Ep.87 Minecraft Roleplay]

So tell me what you think the other 3 are excluding Janus because Katelyn said that she was part of the Jury of Nine so I guess that was a no brainer huh Join them as they adventure around the World of Blocks that they were forced into.

If you want to talk to me my Skype is Shadow Jules my if you want to email me my email is hajules gmail. And look at 8: A Mianite Tale by yoshiman reviews the battle of the gods starts anew with a new aphmu of champions Rated: I let go of my sword and turn around. How far will this relationship go? I am trying to change the style of my videos a bit but not to much. In the early episode Ep26, and forward, his name was spelled Saeson, but sometime it changed to be spelled Laurance, and I’m not used seazon spelling it like that yet.


I’m just not sure if you’re ready for it. They were, calling me to get closer to the Nether Portal, at first I tried to resist, but it didn’t matter. See guys in another day or video and hope you guys enjoy the video and have a great day.

You have been warned. But at that time we had no idea who the Jury of Nine were, assuming that the 6 were already there. Tales of Blue by Kelpurple90 reviews “One day you shall be the greatest ruler of Minecraftia.

aphmau minecraft diaries season 1 ep 99

The best present ever from you all!!! That if a member of the Jury of Nine happened to fall, you would be qualified to replace them. About time someone recognized us! I couldn’t remember, just the need of being back there nagging at my mind.

Forgive me, child, for the price you will have to pay. Featured post Aphganronpa Prologue Part 3.

The Jury of Nine solved? | Aphmau Amino

Read throughout the exciting story as the whole crew get sucked into the world ddiaries minecraft where they have to survive independently for five days. Spoilers for after the second half of season 2. Reaction to aphmau their first kiss episode 30 season 2 GamingwithShadow 2 years ago. Such a loving moment! She wasn’t going to let me go in there.


Our Heroes will go at any risk to bring Wyatt back Aphmau Theory TrinityEnder 3 years ago. She diarues softly, almost sounding ashamed. Hint – The pairings are in the chapter titles Rated: I’m so sorry Laurence. Travis is checking it out so we don’t need to worry. One quick motion is all it’d take. MCD Spirits 3 years ago. Vulilia 2 years ago.

I didn’t know how much of that sentence I actually heard, because the voices got louder, and the feeling was taking over my senses. But the door she knocks on, leads her on a trail of friendship and fame. Minibuscus by Spiritbrine reviews When Spiritbrine is asked to leave her home in the nether for the war. This time Aphmau notices, but she doesn’t say anything, she just gives me a questioning look.

Knowing Garroth he would still be standing after that one punch and if he was wearing his armor so that’s another triple negative. Interpretational Prequel siaries ‘Spare Parts’. I post on Fanfiction. And it’s on my birthday weekend!!! This is their story. If we hadn’t come here this wouldn’t have happened.

Here this quote shows that Laurance was about qualified into the Jury of Nine if one member fell.