Not bein able to watch bleach episodes is like driving a new car. Enter the e-mail address associated with your account and we’ll email you a link to reset your password. Naruto, Bleach, One piece, and then fairty tale. And kubo mentioned that he will explain everything in this last arc. This is a great anime!! I feel like something died in me when I heard that bleach was canceled.

But it will be back! I completely agree with you, I also only found out a couple of days before hand. Lool, If Tite releases 4 manga chapters for a full year… He would get around 52 manga chapters done, for 6 months he would get around Movie would ruin it! Get past the first 20 episodes and you will love how serious it gets. Sunite July 21, at 1: When good anime comes to an end I feel sad because finding good anime to watch is difficult.

Waiting for them to animate the manga can take another year or two. I have watched bleach since it started to air in the U.

So hopefully they have just learned from past errors and are now waiting until they can continue in a way worthy of the anime. Where can you see elisode piece episode English dub? The anime has been put down for a while, but the manga is going on strong!

When can you watch the English dub version of hetalia episode 77

The fights are amazing. There has to be an end. Dont talk about Rock lee like that! Bleach is a Great Show i love bleach and even if they cancelling bleach im gonna rewatch everey single episode from beginning to end bleach is one of my fav shows to but i really think this rock lee show is gonna be a mockery to naruto why whould you take out the best characters for him he aint all that sweet.


I really hope they complete the final arc as anime, whenever that might be. Honestly i animeratoo this is complete bullshit i mean anmieratio love Naruto But Bleach is just That Anime i cnt stand wen things like this happen bcuz Its on eps n now they cancell it like wtf!! This […] Like Like. Is that true at all? April 8, at Some other tv network needs to pick up the Bleach series! The DVD will be released July 3 of this year!

OMG first Verizon gets rid of Funimation, and now this? The new arc is amazing. Page Ewell March 30, at 9: Bleachfan April 27, at I heard the manga artist animwratio a public announcement somewhere saying he was not satisfied with the work of Bleach and will be taking a long break until he can save it. Animertio really really love Bleach and I want to see the final arc not only in black and white papers but also alive. Naruto is good too but Now they r just exaggerating it a lot.

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Its a shame, one of the best anime in existence. I think so to. That is literally more than 2 years worth of episodes. He seemed really weak as well anieratio happy. And i dont feel good about it. The manga has to progress alot for the anime to return. Hopefully the manga itself is very VERY long, this possibly meaning that Bleach itself will go on for a very long time. Many of my favorite TV shows not only animes have been cancelled due onw low viewer ratios and its really a shame because they were really brilliant shows.

Overall the anime is fantastic! I dont want this to happen to Bleach as well… Like Like. Log in to VIZ Don’t have an account?


I gave it some time thinking, It was all crap and that maybe because the world is in tough times. I just want to know what happened so that bleach gets canceled. Landon April 3, at 3: And the Final Act was made in ! But still i dont see the reason to start flame about other anime series, that they aint good enough.

And one more thing, they really need to give us more info on his vasto lorde transformation as I guess he will be needing that strength in the final arc keeps fingers crossed. Daily Anime Art May 8, at 6: Episoee isn’t there is only English abimeratio not English animeatio. People got bugged and the ratings went down like hell.

Bleach appears on Adult Swim at In that years, Urahara literally had his time cut out on looking things up about everything, even the Kings Key and the Royal Families etc.

It hasn’t yet been released http: Anyway thats my opinion on that. Choose a video to embed. Until that time comes I will wait in anticipation and continue reading an absolutely superb story. Personally i feel as though they are taking a break until the manga gets further away from the start of the final arc anime on tv. Possum May 9, at 2: There as he carried on writing the Final Arc, we must just wait until the times come back when Bleach comes back to our screen….