Like I said, I got it two happen two more times within a few minutes including the time that I got the screen shot. I worked on the challenge last night and slowly improved my score. Using e-star video as a guide. Here is photo of 3rd time. Good luck and happy flinging! Shot the red bird at the bottom TNT block like described, and after a bit of time, additional blocks stardted flying, and zooming out I saw him sitting up top. I shot the red bird to the top TNT stack i agree with Graypets, blackbird sprays the stones to far , which took out the right side. Not quite sure how, but some how got the red bird to take out both the bottom and top TNT.

Besides that, I got the strategy to work perfectly. I have to admit that surely is a tempting target. This can completely clear the right side but not always. When i was trying to beat this not knowing a gold egg was here I screwed up the second shot and I got the gold egg. Nice going on your Seasons levels by the way. There are more points available. I improved my score on this level by 6k!

Two bonus birds later and a score of ,! I just finished the first half today, and went back to improve my score on the one level where I was below average was killing me until, out of nowhere, it finally worked.

The 2 shot for k is possible. But as score after third bird was disappointing threw the 4th bird, same trajectory as bird 3 which happily buried itself in the middle of the debris and scored a lot of points when it detonated. If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond pivlantis contact us or check out our advertising rates. Your nearly always guaranteed to take out the two flowers, rather than blasting them off screen. The game is almost completed, but these two golden eggs locations makes me go crazy.

An essential part of ABN and your contributions to help a lame flinger like myself.


Angry Birds Seasons Piglantis Level Walkthrough | AngryBirdsNest

Second bird to hit the right side of the springboard and on into the centre of the structure. Great strat iammighty and thank you. May be, it only happens after the slingshot is pulled back. That triggered the TNT, and kind of cleaned the right side. I got spin back through. YB in 45 degree arc to hit the 2 vertical stone blocks low down.

Giving it a couple more tries, really need to get the red bird to hit the top of the two TNT so that he keeps going towards the bouncy stuff. Where I normally make my mistake is in trying to get the WB to get over the top to the right side of whats left, so that I can drop the bomb on the pillar. Need to be zoomed out to fully appreciate it. I angrj its harder than space!!

I read some of your comments lately and you seem to be blazing through them quite well. Thanks moonsabre for clarifying exactly where to aim Terence. Hello and greetings from Finland!

Red bird in the corner but nothing happens …. We are the go to place for walkthroughs, news, and much more. After many hours I finally had all three birds do well and destroy srasons everything.

Remember there is a video walkthrough for each Golden Egg that shows its location how to unlock it and how to obtain the star.

Oh well, back to the flinging! Like I said, I got it two angrg two more times within a few minutes including the time that I got the screen shot.

I just downloaded seasons and was wondering how to find walkthroughs from the very beginning? I am not sure. With a few tweaks to refine the aiming tips posted by vuelva due to playing on Android thanks vuelva! Golden Egg 33 Alert! One of the stones flew over and hit the flower that gets blown off-screen on the first shot, netting me an extra 5k. As you know, destruction varies widely with your approach.


First shot as expected. Aim is to topple tnt, but lean the blocks over and not knock them off. Black birds were a little too powerful to spray the stones correctly for me. All of this happens in the first seconds read: The second 3-starr I lobbed over the floating rock, making it land on the lower right side of the trampoline.

I fired the red bird at the top TNT.

Then on the third shot I aimed him through the flat stone slab lying on the hollow wooden square. Here is my video. I finally set aside some time to come back to this level. The detonation got the rest of the pigs and set off the TNT.

Angry Birds Seasons Cherry Blossom Level 1-15 Walkthrough

Below, moonsabre points out the spot to hit. Yeah, who am I kidding??

Besides that, I got the strategy to work perfectly. Increased my score 13k. I got k with hitting the vertical blocks with yellow. This worked well, the TNT fell, and the right side was gone. If necessary, clean up with Terence the Wrecking Ball! There I saw how bad I made this episode.

Nevertheless, with the exception of a few levels that irritate me, I think Piglantis is awesome. This time it ended up between slingshot and TNT.

I was also able to use the small island in the background for a fixed point for the 3rd shot with Big Red. I came to this old game via the Challenge last week.

Sure enough, I reset and restarted a few times and it happened three times in twenty. One Egg to find, one Egg for 3-starring.