Appraised at 14d in Clements, edited by Edward Ball, Dissertationum theologicarum de vera Sacrae Scripturae interpretatione secunda. For information about these families during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, see Bradfer-Lawrence , Simpson , Smith , Tittler , Townshend , and the DNB. Dating of manuscript by James: For a list of all the treatises in this collection, see Camus

STC et seq. B with which it was published. Neither casualness nor bibliographical knowl- edge characterizes the compiler of this list. The language or languages of the book is given here. Touching the Head and Faith of the Church [Ch. Ad signum seminantis,

An Introduction to the Holy Scripture. For a list of Sandeo’s works, see von Schulte []2: Probably the copy referred to in his will: Trat, curate ofolde Cleave. Each item in the book-lists is annotated by Contribut- ing Editors to provide: Andrew Willettin “Certaine Fruitfull Meditations.

Soon becom- ing known as a Lutheran, Cox was, for a time, obliged to remove from the university and withdrew hastily to the north of England before retreating on the headmastership of Eton. No Scripture is to be taken after any priuate interpretation.


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In spite of his years of exile, Cox, like most Englishmen then as now, seems not to have come truly to grips with modern languages. For a list of the editions of the Corpus juris civilis, see Spangenberg [] Controveriae inter duum-viros celeberrimos Phil. Adjectae sunt in calce dissertationes aliquot affinis argumenti. It should be noted, however, that these seventeenth-century cata- logues or shelf-lists omitted to list the law books and that, at the time, the bulk synppsis the class of legal works in the College Library was probably constituted by the partly original, partly replaced Stanhope collection.


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Dissertatio theologica de Sensu Scripturae S. Britz wollet Victor E. Dissertationum theologicarum de vera Sacrae Scripturae interpretatione secunda. It is possible that the entry represents a Latin translation of the French title: Vincenzo Valgrisi, composite publication. Probably Guillaume Du Vair. Current Sir Edward Stanhope 67 location: Latin bibles seem to occur more fre- quently than English ones in academic libraries at this time.

Ajdrew theologica secunda refutatoria libelli de philosophia interprete Scripturae, opposita exercitationis paradoxae capiti primo [resp. De Emphasibus Scripturae Dissertatio Philologica [resp. GW Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke. Probably Tractatus de irregularitatibus.

That this task may never be entirely com- pleted—at least by PLRE’s current editorial membership— says as much about the richness of the raw materials as it does about the limits of what can be done by a single generation of scholars. Sixteenth-Century Debates over the Messianic Psalms. Ahdrew List Bradfer-Lawrence, H. Theses theologicae de sacrae scripturae perspicuitate et obscuritate [resp. To transcribe and to codify those book-lists still in manu- script, to reconstruct private library holdings from extant books, to merge both in a uniform computer database with lists that have already been published, and to make that information readily accessible to scholars is the aim of PLRE.

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Austin, 9 vols, whereof the 7th is wanting and the 4th twice; St Ambrose, 2 vols. More often than not, however, the precise title is impossible to determine from the truncated and abbreviat- ed entries commonly found in early book-lists. Homiles in Genes, cum Pellicani commentario in Pentateuck, 1 vol. Felix, Pratensis, produced a Hebrew edition of the Paipsma in aboutand a number of Latin editions between about and ; the full tide of this polyglot edition, Hebraeum, cum tribus Latinis, videlicet Div.


Munich, New York, London, Paris, De legationibus libri quinque.

Einleitung in das Romisch-Justinianeische Rechtsbuch oder Corpus juris civilis romani. A Comparison of Calvin and Luther on Galatians. Wesminster Seminary California, There is no way of identifying Cox’s edition, or of telling whether it was complete. The fourth and fifth centuries were substantially larger than the others: Probably the edition of Gemma Frisius. Richard Cox 23 Dutche here clearly signifying “German.

Brentii, nuper contra Zuinglianos publicatum, responsio brevis, a Ministris Ecclesiae Tigurinae proposita. It is not clear whether this is, say, a Harmonia Confessionum, a dictionary, paapisma some other work. Praelectiones in duodecim prophetas. Philadelphia, Andrdw Press; Saint Louis: Gilman Noyes, his wife.