I too liked seeing the sisters united about Dionisio. Andres arrives, Camila leaps into his arms, and tells him about El Diablo’s visit. You didn’t tell me what your plans were. UA–I think Yago is using his aura as a retired torero as a chic magnet. At least one of those anvils is going to fall tomorrow. It was a fun episode, from drama to comic-relief. So she’s instinctively setting the tone.

Luzma tells Camila she will give up the baby for adoption and she will return to school. It almost explodes with its contents of expensive handbags, a fur-trimmed jacket, and other stuff. Refugio arrives with a tray containing his double espresso and he thanks her with a kiss on the cheek. I love the way Camila stood up to El Diablo over him being “man of the house. Of the ones I saw he was in: The idea of helping to get that guy cleaned up–yuck! Duplication of this material for use on any other site is strictly prohibited.

She brown noses a bit with him which does not go unnoticed by Nana and then Yago saunters in, looking like the morning after the night before aamor smelling just as bad. So, did D’An and Cam start out in the cabin, and finish out the night out on the ranch somewhere? She has taken part in several theatrical plays and telenovelas. Camila tells her she can count on her for anything. I envy and admire those episove you who understand the language so well. Really, he defended you and now the doctora.

Dionisio quiere convertirse en un hombre especial para Camila. Cam takes her duties seriously and is managing the hacienda until she knows Daniel shows up as per her uncle’s wishes.

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My main objection to CS was actually not so much with the writing but the casting of Aracely Arambula whom I think is eoisode inferior actress not worthy of the dual role she played. Retrieved 8 June So much for emotional stability!


Cara de muy sour pickles de Illy. I can’t stand it. Daniel acusa a Isadora de ser la responsable de muchas tragedias.

Camila is the official executrix of La Malquerida and if Daniel renounces his inheritance rights she is the owner.

I certainly object to excessive filler in remakes, but that is a universal problem in an age when there are too many remakes, too much extension, and fewer series.

How’s Dan going to talk his way out of a gun pointed to his head? Augustina is aware that Ximeana isn’t happy with the situation, but tells her she brought back almost everything she wanted. She demands to know whether Camila’s rape accusation is true.

Amor bravío

I thought there were only Sometime later, deeply bitter and hungry for revenge, Daniel travels to Mexico determined to destroy the Monterde family, which he blames for his terrible misfortune. I had a busy weekend unfortunately more work than playbut I used your recap as my “me time” with 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there until I finished reading it this morning. Canal 2 also broadcasts from channel number 7 in some parts of the country.

I loved the reference to Luzma a being the sister that Camila should have had. Alonssso isn’t buying this. Vivana wmor Rafael se dan cuenta que lo de Camila no fue un accidente. Hissadora tells him that Daniel can’t come and asks for the paperwork so she can take it to him. They embrace, Andres with a pensive expression. He was in town, staying with my ex-wife.

I expected him to be out for a while. She steps back with folded arms and sits, telling him she is grateful, spisode that he knows perfectly well she does not like qmor depend on anyone. I wasn’t confounded by the look of Amanda’s phone which I agree was decorative, but I was almost screaming in impatience at how Although Nat is more into Yago at the moment, she may get sick of his ways and want a steady-eddy, and gravitate back to Rod.


A subtle but dark expression comes over El Diablo’s face with the musical flourish. Don Carlos Los muertos rpisode nos dieron la vida mariana de la noche Viaje aterrador I can’t stand it. Cindy- I don’t think there’s any danger of Cami turning to Dio bravvio comfort after Dan is revealed.

Alonso starts biting his claws. OTOH, she may have married him to stay close to Don Daniel, for whom she carried a torch–although we don’t know for how long.

Programming Title Premiere date Ref. By the way, it’s time for Camila to kick them out of there! Can this show get any stupider??? Refugio enters followed by a maid with a dinner tray.

Retrieved 30 August I couldn’t see Amor Bravio while at my mother’s over the weekend or respond to this blog — but I did read it and was able to catch up and in style.

Camila throws a pillow at Andres and they both realize this was a major close call. I don’t want to see him get his heart broken but it seems to be inevitable.

Caray, Caray!: Amor Bravío #58 (Uni 53) Mon 11/5/12

El Diablo calls Andres on his cell saying he wants to see him epiisode the hacienda immediately. Camila instructs someone to send Andres to her cabana as soon as he returns.

She can’t even stand Dio touching her. Bacerra has the letter and wants to show it to Cami.

He decides to take advantage over the differences El Diablo and Hissadora are having and use that in their favour.