On a positive note,one would say that the first 20 minutes and last half an hour do manage to grab your attention. The villagers also rush to the caves. Times of India rated the movie 3. Seemati, who checked her pregnancy and is terrified by the looks and behavior of Ambuli, tells Ponni to kill Ambuli right then and there. The college farewell song is OK. They find a painting of Ambuli from another senior student of the college, Velpari who writes a journal in the previous edition of the college magazine about the mass migration of people from the Poomanandhipuram village into another village, due to the fear of Ambuli and is currently running a rice mill. But its not going to affect the movie anyway. I wish Ambuli come back for its second hunt in 3d.

But comparing to the Hollywood standard, watching movie experience is pain full. Recent high resolution pictures, images, movie stills and wall papers of kollywood Actress. Indian cinema was one of the pioneers in 3D cinema. Sir Wellington dopes her with strong sedatives, so that she visits him often for checkup, so that he can carry out his test without any problem. The acting of the lead actors is uniformly average. The college farewell song is OK. Very interesting story flow is the Big plus of this movie. Good job done by the make-up designers.

Ajay falls in love with Poongavanam Sanam. Ambuli keeps you guessing about whether it is a myth or reality. Ambuli means ‘moon’ and it is a moon light mystery”.

The picturisation of songs are either awful or average. Go and Watch 3D, thrills and suspense mivie. Screen play and Music are coping with genre of the movie.

I was never been scared until I saw Ambuli. The box slowly starts moving a little and it cracks suddenly.

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The new actors akbuli acquitted themselves really well. After an intense battle in the field between the army, the police, and Ambuli, Ambuli is tranquilized with the help of Sengodan.

Srijith as Vendhan R. Marudhan watches the boat float away and the goat is now gone. So, he humbly requests them not to go there again. Vethagiri is very much angered by the news that they both travelled alone at night in the cornfields and tell them that death awaits whoever enters the field at night, as Ambuli lives there, that has killed so many people in the past and is still hungry for human life.


Villa, Mungaru Male and. Ponni, who was given a choice of either to destroy Ambuli, decides to let Ambuli go, while committing suicide, unable to face the humiliation. Sam, Sathish and Mervin Solomon.

Explore Indian Movies, Places, and ambuki Before becoming an alcoholic, he planned to leave the village with Vendhan onlien Ambuli, but was unable to, when someone from Sir Arthur Welling College had given Vendhan a seat in the college, which Vethagiri accepted. Songs are very Big minus of this movie. Good job done by the make-up designers. Then suddenly the army and the police arrives there with tranquilizers, having been alerted by the head police officer, who is convinced by Amudhan and Vendhan that Ambuli does exist, thanks to the projector room, the chemical lab, the old documents, and the projector reels from Sir Arthur Wellington College.

Please encourage this movie. He comes across the super natural element. He explains that Vendhan is the only person he has got and if something happens to him, he can’t live. Vethagiri remarks and points out that Amudhan and Vendhan are lucky not to be harmed by Sengoden. That is disappointing amuli the fact the promos promised a great Hollywood style thriller.

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Other songs appear forced into the narration. Minor details film izle The smurfs 2 dvd unboxing Ouran highschool host club drama capitulo 10 Las ambjli de dracula movie Top 50 best movies on netflix instant Spartan trailer for sale washington.

They found the bookshelf where novie find a key inside the book about Gandhi on the shelf, which can unlock a secret Projector room hidden behind the bookshelf in the library, which also contains a chemical lab that has been locked for years.

So movvie results headache and pain for me. But ironically, Marudhan’s grandma is the village lady doctor, Seemati whose left arm was bitten by Ambuli at its childbirth. About some 40 years ago, on the day of Solar eclipse, a pregnant woman named Ponni, who has no one except her elder child, walks into the village of Poomanandhipuram, but faints right under the sun, which it was believed that one who comes out on a solar eclipse, will be affected badly by the radiation.


The army captures Ambuli and he is taken away in a secured box.

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Indian cinema was one of the pioneers in 3D cinema. The makers have a clear vision about the nature of the film and the way in which 3D can enhance the experience.

This page was last on,ine on 12 Februaryat Ambuli is an Excellent low budget movie but going to be a block buster. But comparing to the Hollywood standard, watching movie experience is pain full.

Science fiction movies in Tamil cinema. First duet between lead stars is enjoyable but remaining songs are not that much impressive. Parthiban also acted ambuuli well onlne Sengodan. The filming began on 4 February Times of India rated the movie 3. The very first 10 mins of the movie is very well made and the 3D effect is awesome. They meet one of the senior students at Sir Arthur Wellington College, Marudhan, who is a practical youth and does not believe in Ambuli at all.

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The Plot moviie very thriller, the way the story of Ambuli narrated is a perfect puzzle solving screenplay. Hari Shankar and Hareesh Narayan, who made their directorial debut with the horror film Orr Eravuudecided to shoot a mystery thriller based on folklore and superstition.

Poongavanam stays in a village where people in fear of a ghost called Ambuli.