Eventually, she decides to stay in Sodegahama with Aki, considering that she is contemplating on getting a divorce anyway and does not want to go back to her husband in Tokyo. Yui too, who’s given up on being an idol, prompts her to go. Retrieved 14 December During recording of the theme song, however, Suzuka finally learns for sure that Haruko had served as her voice in her songs. But things look up when she finally lands a starring role in a children’s program, which leads to a contract with a juku to appear in their ads. There she is a member of GMT47, a still incomplete group of idols from Japan’s 47 prefectures produced by Taiichi Aramaki, who are currently just the bottom rung in Aramaki’s idol empire, relegated to mostly doing backstage work.

Taneichi arrives from Tokyo to help with clearing the damaged sea bed, and even Mizuguchi shows up, having taken leave of 3J. Aru Wake Nedaro, Nanmon! Aki cannot catch a sea urchin on her own. Natsu also visits Tokyo, revealing a past in which she herself was kind of an “idol”. Mizuguchi also finds Taneichi in Aki’s apartment and urges the couple to cool down. Haruko, Aramaki and Suzuka meet by chance at the sushi restaurant, but it is Suzuka’s threat to quit acting if Aki is not re-hired that saves her job.

Amachan was not only a ratings success, but brought economic epissode to the Tohoku region and was considered a social phenomenon. Filming does not always go smoothly, but with Suzuka’s help, Aki is able fulfill her role. Retrieved 10 November Retrieved 14 February Yui wins a contest to become the publicity character of the Kitasanriku Railroad.

She has a strained relationship with Natsu, epiode her extreme dislike of the sea, diving and the countryside is one of the reasons why she left her hometown 24 years ago.

One day, a video of her as an Ama gets uploaded in the city’s tourism website, transforming an ordinary high school girl into an overnight Internet sensation. Sodegahama depends on the amathe women who dive for sea urchins and shellfish, as a tourist attraction. Yui too, who’s given up on being an idol, prompts her to go.


The concert is epixode followed by a marriage ceremony featuring three couples: It was all a ruse, however: Retrieved 2 January Japan Council for Better Radio and Television. The road towards becoming a full-fledged Ama-san is tough for Aki as she encounters tests and hurdles.

Episode #1.51

Aki only comes back after Mizuguchi and her Tokyo friends encourage her to continue. She tries to leave town with him but is stopped by Daikichi and the others. Retrieved 14 December But only days after the film is released and the day before Aki was going to rejoin GMT in a concert, the Great East Japan earthquake takes place.

Retrieved 28 September The event is a great success and Yui begins to appear on local television. She finds a town suffering: GMT’s single becomes a hit when Aramaki puts all his resources behind it, while Aki sees little success at first. During recording of the theme song, however, Suzuka finally learns for sure that Haruko had served as her voice in her songs.

Haruko refuses, but Aki, who was a shy and gloomy girl in Tokyo, suddenly brightens and declares she wants to be an ama. Television Drama Academy Awards. Views Read Edit View history. Aki’s father Masamune also comes to town hoping to get back together with his wife, but Haruko insists on a divorce.

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It also won the Galaxy Award for best television program of She becomes a local idolthen returns to Tokyo to try to become a real idol, and finally returns to Tohoku to help revitalize the area after the Great East Japan earthquake. This puts pressure on the two girls, on whose shoulders rest the hopes for the Kitasanriku Railroad’s survival.


She only lets her daughter go to Tokyo after hearing how much she admired her mother’s singing. But at one point, Natsu collapses in Sodegahama and Haruko leaves to tend her. Through Aramaki’s influence, Aki starts working as Suzuka’s assistant, on top of her idol training. Archived from the original on Mizuguchi also finds Taneichi eepisode Aki’s apartment and urges the couple to cool down.

The next day, July 1,the ama begin their diving season to a now bountiful sea and Aki and Yui epiaode “Memory of the Rising Tide” on their special train.

Haruko’s mother Natsu is fine. When Yui’s older brother Hiroshi takes a job at the local tourism bureau and uploads videos of his sister on the town website, train otaku begin flooding the town. Her decision is welcomed wholeheartedly by Natsu and the other locals.

Amachan Episode 51

Retrieved 5 June This spurs the town to finally clean up the Ama Cafe and Haruko to give Suzuka voice training lessons. The six members of GMT47 feels this means the end of their careers until Aki sparks them to begin their own campaign.

Aki cannot catch a sea urchin on her own. Haruko, who had returned to Tokyo, Aramaki, and Suzuka are finally able to settle old scores. Told by both Suzuka and Aramaki that she has no future, she returns to Kitasanriku depressed. See akachan for discussion to help reach a consensus. Aki tries to carry on in Tokyo, but finally decides to return north. She also encounters Hiromi Suzuka, her favorite actress, episoee happens to know Aramaki.