Irina informs them that the easiest entry into the base is via a sewage tunnel — beyond a minefield that she can navigate. Later on, they tell Sydney. Sydney persuades Vaughn to break into the Vatican with her. As she leaves the hospital, she’s tackled by a group of men. Sydney and Agent Russek travel to Geneva, in order to get the numbers. A suspicious Sark speeds the launch. While Jack aims the gun at Sydney, under orders from Ineni Hassan, he blinks a message to her in Morse code.

Jack, still skeptical of Irina, reluctantly agrees to the plan. Sark, Sydney accepte de partir en mission en Suisse sur les traces de Sloane. He calls Haladki, who again refuses to send help. And in an ironic moment across town, Will and Francie watch the pursuit on television, unaware that their best friend is the subject. Vaughn informs Sydney that the CIA will rendezvous with her in the building, make a switch with the inhalers and disable the explosive to save the building and its contents. But she senses that he is being unusually blunt with her. At a remote beach house, Sloane finally tells her the truth about SD-6….

She agrees, despite her misgivings. A nervous Marshall accepts his mission. Epiaode recognizes Sydney as an SD-6 agent, but is unaware of her connection to Jack.

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Vaughn expresses a desire to become closer to her. She calls a panicked Marshall who guides her through the process of disarming it with only a two minute warning.

Since the manuscript is currently held at Sloane’s house, she is asked to retrieve the critical page during dinner. Meanwhile, Vaughn’s feelings for Sydney, in a moment of briefing, show through even further, finally, when she aoias down to him about the heartbreaking conflicts in the career of a dual agent, Vaughn offers her his support as a friend.


She gets close to him, surprising him with a choke hold and demands fkn know the location of Server Sydney is furious at Vaughn, but he stands by his actions. He goes home to his wife and confesses his life of deception. Marshall is actually being tortured by Suit and Glasses, who demands to know where the Echelon operating system is located.

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There are two sketches, containing the entire code only when seen together It is a day earlier, and we are in the moments immediately following the FBI taking her into custody.

He insists that he is fine, but Barnett asks about the Christmas gift for Sydney.

As a countermission, Vaughn gives Sydney a set of false files. A grieving Sloane gives her something more personal: Jack tells Sydney that the entire SD-6 building will be destroyed. Syd watches on closed circuit TV as Jack tells Senator Douglas during his inquiry that he loves Sydney despite his limitations as a father.

Vaughn arrives in the helicopter and spirits away Sydney, Jack and Irina.

He admits he knew she and Jack were double-agents and that he used them to free himself of The Alliance. Her first day back at SD-6, Sydney receives instructions from Sloane to travel to Moscow, and to intercept a sale of stolen files pertaining to Soviet-American nuclear arsenals. Sydney makes it through a security door, but cannot hold it epiisode long enough for Vaughn, who is trapped — on the wrong side, in a room filling, perilously fast, with rushing water… and seconds later, Vaughn is gone.

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Will is moved to a CIA safehouse. It becomes clear that their separation was the result of a misunderstanding, before Aalias had to be transferred out of the States…. He finds the monk who sent him on the Rambaldi quest 30 years ago and vents his anger.


During their years of marriage, she had gone through his briefcase and monitored his conversations, reporting everything back to the KGB. Irina suggests that Jack find out eoisode he stayed and pull the security tapes. Weiss, who has been monitoring the situation via remote, demands that his partner stay with the captive. With nowhere else to turn, she slams her foot to the accelerator and plunges her car into the water. The CIA tracks the heart to a truck delivering to zlias ship docked in Cartegena.

She was fun to have died in a car accident as a child. In Tuscany, Emily answers a call from Irina. Sloane is tempting the CIA, trying to draw them out. Vaughn has a scheme to prove her innocence.

In Madrid, Sydney visits a show at the Auto Museo, where the box episoxe hidden, while Dixon monitors outside in a van. Jack made it appear that the intercepted communication from Switzerland was actually sent by Russek to K-Directorate. Jack explains to Sydney that he never intended her to be a spy, that he only tested Project Christmas on her so she could be strong in a dangerous environment — but Sloane got to her before ed6 did.

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