A statement issued by the popular mobilization said that “the Popular Mobilization Forces Brigade started yesterday the first phase of clearing al-Zora west of Samarra, noting that “the engineering effort began dismantling a number of improvised explosive devices planted on the road to block the entry of the forces” Hours before his death, Mansour knew something was going wrong so he had called his brother and relatives to prepare them for his death. If the enemy has real time intel that can tell him when and where every line dog takes a dump, and all you know is that the enemy ‘is out there, somewhere’, you’re just screwed. Syrian MI has its work cut out for them, vetting all of them. When I mentioned this to Somalis, they laughed. If the Ramadi IS unit is an indicator of what the American taxpayer is sending against Syria and Iraq, it soulc get real bad, rial fast. I don’t think that IA will be upgraded in time due to political crap plus the continued inexperiance of command, plus a certain remainder of corruption and incompetence, but the Syrian military still has a good chance, although it has to make a lot of changes, real fast. Borno state police commissioner Damian Chukwu said the bombers had targeted mourners at a funeral ceremony in the suburb of Molai Kolemari on Tuesday night.

According to the local security officials, the incident took place earlier today in the remote part of Shorabak district. It’s believed all the dead are military or police personnel , he said. Thousands of troops are participating in the operation and they will be assisted by the Pakistani air force, he added. Local schools and markets are also closed. Mansour was saying you cannot force me on everything. Confirming the incident, Col Abdirashid Moalim Gaas told Radio Shabelle Jubbaland forces have in stepped up raids on Somali military positions over the past few months.

Thanks to Maliki, the Iraqi military became secular and all inclusive, which must have severly frost the American cookies. Pro-Damascus media outlets quoted a military source saying warplanes had hit targets in the eastern Hama countryside, which borders Jabal al-Shomariya to the north. It was more likely that the suicide bomber was brought to the site of the attack by one or more facilitators on a rickshaw or another vehicle. The article claims that Mansour used to travel on a Pakistani passport, under a fake name, with full knowledge of Pakistani intelligence.

Omid Maisom Mohaqiq, a spokesman for the politician, said the bomb had detonated near the first checkpoint approaching the house, “killing and wounding some civilians”. …

My thoughts on this force is that it is composed of picked IS fighters, intesely trained in American maneuver warfare doctrine, all veterans. If I remember right, Lebanon has naval basin facilities which have not been used for years, except for a miniscule Coast Guard, Since Lebanon has an interest in the offshore gas reserves they could do a lot worse than to invite the Russians and Iranians to base fighting ships in Lebanese ports.


Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for reaching a historic deal with the country’s largest rebel force, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, to end more than 50 years of conflict. Public anger is spreading as people struggle for basics like food and medicine. The Sayyad 3 missile can reach an altitude of 27 kilometers and travel up to kilometers, Dehghan said at a ceremony.

The emergence of the TSG has raised concerns among law enforcement agencies. We also have the explanation for the continued presences of American advisors, which is to relay messaages to IA command about when to bug out.

A field commander on the axis of the eastern countryside of Sweida told reporters that under the directives of the General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces, units of the army carried out a successful mission towards al-Badia desert in the eastern countryside of Sweida in several stages, where the first phase launched from the east of Sweida until al-Zalf Damwhile the second phase extended from al-Zalf Dam to Tal Jarin.

They would be flown back to Pakistan to join their families as soon as possible.

In Ramadi history repeated. Sarraj had said in May that elections would be held in spring. Abdul Karim Yourish, provincial police chief spokesman, said Sunday the assault on the government headquarters was launched under the cover of darkness late Saturday.

Communications – F.P.S. Predators

I wonder how that’s playing out. The Syrian Democratic Forces first broke into Raqqa in early June and have advanced in a pincer-like motion toward the heart of the city. The clashes resulted in inflicting the Turkish mercenaries vast damage in equipment.

He said the loyalists of the terror group are attempting to further expand their influence in Nangarhar and are tactically moving forward to gain grounds.

Village now under SAA control. LYBIA – Two rival Libyan leaders committed themselves Tuesday to a cease-fire, working toward presidential and parliamentary elections and finding a road map to secure lawless Libya against terrorism.

Local schools and markets are also closed. A number of villages in Jawzjan have fallen to Taliban insurgents in the past few days and government officials were concerned about an increasing security threats in parts of the northern province. The traitors had to be rescued, and screw the line dogs.


He added that the Missile battalion in the th Brigade fired 12 Katyusha rockets which targeted “guest houses” in the area and the strikes were direct hits.

Incident has taken place in the vicinity of Qosh Tapa district of Jawzjan where the militants loyal to IS group are actively operating. However, these claims have not yet been confirmed. He also accused the government and security institutions of lying regarding the successes against the terror group. I think that Ramadi resulted from a drma of superb training and leadership on the part of the enemy, and sub-par training and leadership on the part of ISF. Hadithah is under attack again.

The anti-government armed militant groups including the Taliban insurgents have not commented regarding the reports so far. I don’t think they will attack, really. Specific details about the units involved and assets used will not be released in order to ensure operational security.

Workers farming watermelons nearby rushed to the burning wreck and shovelled dirt on the flames, but could not save mgc men inside, General Raziq said. Since he’s not in office, I wouldn’t give him credit for having enough juice to actually do anything for Lebanon, but trying to play a four way game is a very good way to get mouse trapped; it is interesting, though, that he’s going to be meeting with Putin, but didn’t get face time with Obama or the Saudi king, but an attempt to play Putin could backfire, big time.

Entire al-Kawm Oasis inc. It is noteworthy that the Popular Mobilization Forces cut off all lines of supply to Daesh towards the city of Tal Afar in the western axis of Mosul, forcing the enemy to launch attacks to open a gap towards Syria.

IRAQ – “44th Brigade in the Popular Mobilization Forces have managed to thwart dozens of attacks to Daesh organization on the Iraqi-Syrian border in less than a week”, according to a statement to the Popular Mobilization. If SAA could force a river crossing at, or near, Deir ez Zor, rat transport would be ardd hampered.

They are improving their training, coordination and armaments thanks to the KSA. Ahrar al-Sham’s tens of vehicles and cars and hundreds of members have withdrawn from Idlib city to the drxma countryside of Idlib.