I took up this assignment because of the script and my character. I don’t expect anything from Apaharan , but I think the film is very good. The action scenes, dime a dozen, are artfully choreographed. Then, you get mentally prepared for it not working. I have not produced any movie after Raju Chacha , but I am planning to produce one next year. A lthough its Kumar Sanu-rendered songs were chartbusters in its time, the action was a bigger hit amongst the hinterland audience.

She is a great person. I have cut down on work too and have days off. Check out the action scene picturised on Howrah Bridge on a speeding bike with Ajay and Abhishek coming to blows. We did Zameen before, although we didn’t have any scenes with each other. Nana Patekar is a great actor. This year was bad for me, but I think that’s part of the game. Sporting a brand-new look, Ajay was the mainstay of Qayamat.

A blood-smeared Ajay casts a heavy shadow throughout, as he undergoes physical training to avenge the rape of his sister. It’s not maligning a film, it’s actually paying tribute. People try remakes just out of respect.

She is chilled out and does her job well. Because this story, I dont know apahafan written this story The father is a man of strong principles.

It’s about a man ddvgan wants to do something in life but isn’t very clear about how he’s going to do it. Playing a convict who’s being released for a mission, he wrestles through missiles and even goes underwater to save the city on a terror alert.


Goes without saying there’s also a bit of Pak-bashing here.

Either I like it or I don’t. A jay’s entry, a balancing act of sorts astride two bikes, remains his most memorable stunt to date.

Fans also lapped up the fistfights, with a reed-thin Ajay punishing a conspirator by hanging him in full public view. D ealing with themes endemic to the s like rape, crime, violence and revenge, Jigar debgan vintage Ajay in terms of its action. A lthough its Kumar Sanu-rendered songs were chartbusters in its time, the action was a bigger hit amongst the hinterland audience.

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I think you have to enjoy your work. While Abhishek Bachchan walked away with maximum applause, given his author-backed role, Ajay’s unstated, quiet rebellion didn’t go unnoticed. Ajay, at least initially in his career, never desisted from doing his own stunts. Watch out for the duel between Ajay and the baddies. But one never knows.

On his birthday here are the memorable movies of ajay devgn

Ajay reprises a role he has patented over the years: P rakash Jha and I are good friends. Ajay plays an inmate who has been framed for murder and Suniel, a cop, who’s in charge of extracting information from him. If you know which film is going to work, you will never have a flop in your life. Greatest of all actors After the legendary Bachchan one who have personality is Ajaythree khans r just lover boys which have impact only on girls mind but T eaming up with Saif Ali Khan who plays his wealthy half-brother, Kachche Dhaage is masala entertainment.


Towards the end, one by one, all major characters fall by the wayside pointing to a very tragic denouement. M ani Ratnam’s under-rated story of campus politics, Yuva is an action-packed feast.

We decided to look at Ajay’s best action movies through the years. Yet again, Ajay uses his trademark raw intensity to great advantage. I think it will work and I will be able to justify the character. Nana Patekar is a great actor.

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R aj Kumar Santoshi’s patriotic offering on the life of Bhagat Singh, the bio-pic can ajaj easily rated amongst Ajay’s best works. Nothing has been finalised yet. Standing shoulder to shoulder is Nana Patekar whose feisty supporting performance lends an edge to Apaharan. I didn’t play any prank apahharan Nana because he is my senior, and neither did he play any prank on me.

Posted by Lokesh Singh Sengar. S o what are you waiting for? This is my second film with Bipasha. Watch out for the confrontation scene between Ajay and Big B and the action that ensues.