I rolled my eyes at his constant need to talk to or see her. Timur can just disappear into the mountains for all I care. Many are wanting Mine with Sinan, but I have to strongly disagree. It’s frustrating, it’s disappointing and it is very slow. Jungkook I agree, and what was with all her getting drunk with Timur as if that was the only way for her to fall for him again Sinan, as the victim of a plot to foil his love and separate him from his son, is perhaps the most innocent of all the characters, but he remains relatively immature and perhaps the most devoted to the ideals of romantic first love. I guess since this was a production there definitely wont be another series.

Why is Derin n Emine still alive- kill them instead! Jennah Vee 9 March at I am also so disappointed How do you ignore that?! So her choice is clear. Did Sinan live after he is shot?

Patrick 25 September at Does anyone watch Pakistani dramas?

The following list of keywords is sorted from A to Z. Also, want to comment that this drama should have ended in one season, with only 30 episodes or less. Sinan looked like he had an alien head. Their love was young love that was just not meant to last. Jaine 17 August at He is just too old for Mine and Mine couldn’t just played with Sinan’s love like that.

I just finished the 79 episodes on Netflix and could not be any more disturbed!! Superb acting and well directed plot.

It would have made the love triangle much more emotional. She became a mature Woman when she became a Mother and therefore desired a Man Timur.

Ahbabto Tifla Season 2 Youtube

To have this awful finale But the legs were probably meant to be of Merve’s mother back from the dead. Please make season two!!! It’s frustrating, it’s disappointing and it is very slow. Where did Timur disappear for half an hour during the wedding? The writer or was switched, or died and another writer substituted him writing the finale, or the producers switched this delioguinal ending on purpose for a reason unknown, or some hidden hands missed with story It showed that she advanced from a younger love to a mature one.


If you were an SEOer or online marketer, the data on the analysis of the keyword ” Ahbabto Tifla Season 2 Youtube ” would be very helpful. She was right in wanting to keep things as normal as possible for Hassan. Like everyone else, I struggled through all 79 shows of Season 1, never thinking that this might be all there is. I likes she stayed with Timur. Shame on you Netflix for buying a series without an ending. I saw Sinan as eratic and immature.

Secondly, when you watch for 79 very slow episodes with an incredible amount of flashbacks, romantic dreaming, etc, you would like to get to the point at some stage.

I agree also with Rosangelly that Sinan’s was ahbato purest most mature love. This series was great but I do understand why they never made a second series. Unknown 26 September at In any case, it must be a warning indication of whether the show is fial or not. I am on episode 31, and love it so far. I stopped liking the character of Timur and even felt upset at Mine – how could her big love change??

And I think she went back to Timur out of guilt. We never even saw her. Who shot Fifla, and who is the mother? That’s interesting that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

I want to think that Timur shot my favorite actor Sinan. Unknown 29 November at Not having the son brought up together.

So much more enjoyable. Please note that unless otherwise stated, all original material of whatever nature created by Nicholas V.



Unknown 15 July at Timur is sick and the ex wife is like him,a psychopath. I almost wish they were tirla real couple, lol!! The unfortunate thing about it is that the series finished abruptly presumably because the plug was pulled and the last episode finishes with a couple of cliff-hangers that are not resolved. But in the end it was because he was so in love with her. So disappointed with the 79th episode being the end of this show. I also thought his acting was very good, so for me, I have no complaints on that.

But I think I will write my own ending for all the characters in 1 piece of paper, then read it before going to bed 1 night and that will be the end of my disappointment Timur as the worldly older man who nevertheless is not only in love, but loves Mine, will stop at nothing to ensure her hababto.

Timur was so selfish he didn’t care about anyone, but himself. But there is a scene where Mine is getting married to Timur. If the ratings dictated if there will be a second season or not, this decision shouldn’t have come abruptly therefore a better final episode should have been created to tie all ends.

I watched this series three times. Even the Last Kingdom. I do blame the writer as well sinan was not a bad guy and they tried to make him out to be awful.