With my extremely limited knowledge of wristwatches anything is possible. With Bulova an “L” was used in the s then “M” for the s and an “N” for the s with the number following being the last digit of the year. I sent it back to the repair shop that repaired it for me in It seems like you are almost always online helping us out. I have been dealing with him sense with no problems. All I know about him is he does good work and Accutrons are his main repairs. They are most useful on a gold cased watch in order to avoid marring the finish.

They are most useful on a gold cased watch in order to avoid marring the finish. I have a Marine Star chrno quartz that I purchased in Mark, My local watchmaker told me that he did not work on these watches. Hi Joe, Don Robbins email is dswatch chartertn. Bulova Accutrons are stylish and worthwhile timekeepers I have been wearing an Accutron since myself. They are water resistant but I would avoid immersing an Accutron or for that matter any watch without a screw down crown.

I swapped repaur Dad a ygf Railroad model for it a long time ago. Failing to observe that is the fatal error that has caused the untimely and unnecessary demise of many Accutrons over the years. Robinson posted April 12, Hi, As a proud owner and wearer of two accutrons, one is a gold RR model sweefwater Bob’s above and the Mk ll Astronaut pictured on a previous page with the time zone hand.


Also it is hard to check the time with a pocket watch while going 70 mph on my bike. Like I said, I’m sure others will chime in, but to my eye, it appears to be all correct. What’s Dons address and phone number?

I purchased my first one in for Railroad use. We look forward to your pics.

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Mods, If this is not allowed, please delete. Are new gaskets still available? It has a cracked crystal and the movement needs servicing.

Oh, you won’t hear the humming. There seems to be a lot of places online that advertise repair work.

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I haven’t heard of this but it could happen. I would hope no one needs his expertise but he is there if needed. Now my hunt for a nice rr approved accutron starts over again. You’re probably right about the hearing since I’ve been riding for over 37 years.

I also have a Bulova Accutron Spaceview. Ignored post by Lindell V. I have a nice Casio quartz that I normally take with me but it sweetwter not much fun. Add to My Favorites.

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Bottom line, Don’s has given me great results and I am happy with his work. Don’s Watch Shop I bought the watch new in early Today’s Most Active Topics. I have a Marine Star chrno quartz that I purchased in Riddle posted April 10, It would be a great day again if I could hear the hummmming Did you find a crystal before sending it for repair or are you leaving it to the wtch to find a crystal?


Your watch is in great condition cosmetically and should provide a great deal of enjoyment. I really appreciate your efforts. I hope those problems get worked out. I would recommend his work to anyone. Looks just like my Accutron Looks like a nice one Eweetwater He has been in business for close to 40 years.

I’m sad now, that I got rid of it. Even at my age, I’m like a little kid when watching for the mailman to bring a new toy. Smith posted April 10, Northern Ohio in sweetwatet U. I know how you feel, Bob! Later all, tvterry skypilot Powered by Social Strata. Hopefully mine won’t need work either for a long time. You must not get much sleep!