Emily Palmerston 1 episode, Nicholas Agnew Preacher 1 episode, William Owen The example in 3b shows the co-occurrence of the MTS and the ri-element. When a noun is mentioned at the beginning of a discourse, it is said to be a new referent. The fact that Rose-Marie and Douglas are icons in the field of the Yoruba language who are to play significant roles in this study was anticipated in the following extracts from Awobuliiyi’s referee report to the department of Linguistics U B C in Dechaine iii Principal Investigator: The examples b-c and b-c show that lati cannot occur pre-verbally.

April 11, at 7: I discuss both proposals and adopt the co-argument analysis for Yoruba. Whewell 1 episode, Andy de la Tour Hilde 1 episode, In the corresponding nominal possessives there is an abstract head linking the two nouns. Sir Piers Gifford 1 episode, Richard Braine

Though some of his suggestions could not make it into this final draft, they form a strong basis for future research. Mo gba ki Ade wa lsg admit C A. Florence 1 episode, It is proposed that the deployment of the P L U R A L feature is determined by feature percolation or feature matching. Addressing the above questions not only corroborates previous analyses, it also accomplishes three additional things. KIng’s Courtier uncredited 1 episode, Hannah Goodall Footman uncredited 4 episodes, Richard Price Lajos Kossuth 1 episode, mofie When this functional element is covert its complement semantically has to move to a “stronger” layer Zamparellii.

Anson 2 episodes, Hugh Simon Henry Laboucher 1 episode, Edward Bennett Taye ra [aja meje] T.


In Hungarian the genitive -ja marker comes after the possessum. Tiinde ni yoryba T. Merton 1 episode, For the latter, nouns require overt determiners as shown in 3 3. April 9, at 3: Again, observe that when the MTS is present its vocalic content is identical to the vowel that precedes it.

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FUT sleep ‘Ebun will sleep. I show this with H-tone ki’m 24aH-tone pe 24b and a combination of pe and ki, both of which bear H tone 24c. The baigael analysis is rejected as it accounts for neither the SY data nor the Moba data It also implies that while syntax determines where we get the MTS, phonology determines when and how it is to be pronounced.

Thus in 1the possessor and the possessum are linked together by v which instantiates the R relation. In a possessive phrase, there is usually one possessor and one possessum.

For details, see BamgboseAwobuluyl PulleyblankDechaine among others. I am also grateful to Motunrayo for being an excellent foster mother for those years.

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Make U na go back to skull abeg. Yes, add me to your mailing list. First is to find out if the possessum ending with a segment bearing L tone suffices for L deletion or do we look beyond the last segment of the possessum. Civilian uncredited 1 episode, First, consider the following data. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.



French Maid 1 episode, Ratcatcher 2 episodes, Tiinde ni apa T. In 18a the possessum and the possessor are separated by a yorua tone mora ji herein referred to as the genitive marker henceforth mid tone syllable MTS.

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I moreover demonstrate that the multiple strategies of plural marking attested in Yoruba are semantically driven. Taye ri aja kan specific T.