Burnout I min Drama 3. Zineb is an emotionally exhausted psychiatrist assigned to Rihana, a traumatized and pregnant young woman found in the street muttering unintelligibly about “The Lord of the Horse. We are delighted to be welcoming them to London in January to spend a term in residence at the LFS and hone their skills while learning and collaborating with staff and students. The homage to Bollywood Indian films have been shown forever in Morocco , like a distorting mirror, provides a sliver of escape before it turns back to not even neo-realism but hyper-realism in its depiction of the Casablanca outcasts. My filmic familiarity with them now morphs into a bizarre nostalgia for a place that never was: This is when Morocco started to import films from India massively, and dub them in darija.

Headbang Lullaby min Comedy 6. One of the best discoveries watching La Isla de Perejil was the main actor: One day, they meet the pretty Sanae, a businesswoman. Whilst the festival itself is very much open to the public throughout the Berlinale, you can see long queues of cinephiles queuing for the chance to buy a ticket to see one of the or so films that are screened in the various sections of the festival , the EFM is quite distinct: I read a few similarities with some Tunisian films into this film. Unrated min Crime, Drama, Thriller.

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Najat was in attendance at the marocaln in Tangier, in her new large body, her eyes blinking under the flashes of cameras as she exited the film projection at the Roxy Theater. Not Rated min Action, Adventure.

After Abbas and Sara became vagabonds they are trying to survive as they can. A team of filmmakers in search of a theme asks young residents of Casablanca about their expectations and their relationship to Moroccan cinema.

In reality, Basri died in — having been exiled to France in when Mohammed VI ascended to the throne — though, for the purposes of his film, Lasri has Basri returning from house arrest and ready to expose the secrets of his past from the regime of Hassan II to the expectant journalist.


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In the old days, we programmed films from the US, France, Italy, from all over Europe, but also, of course, a lot of Egyptian films. The army does not appear monochromatic: The two girls, both living under pressure of tradition moving into modernity, have divergent views. What is novel here is that the road movie no longer shows the journey of a single protagonist or two trying to either find or maocain themselves, but of an entire community sharing one mode of transportation, each group with its own dynamics and finding a form of solidarity by the end of the film.

Yassine Marco Marroccu Stars: He is 13 years old and works as a shoe shopper, hoping to earn enough money to buy a bone prosthesis for his mother Le regard 88 min Drama, War 6. One day, while bathing, Ibrahim discovers that marocwin sea has washed ashore an illegal migrant from Senegal.

deekaoui We were struck by the new and original directions that these young filmmakers were taking within their short films, including: Moudawala — 50 min Crime, Drama 6. With each applicant submitting two short films as part of their application, much of late July and August for those on the selection panel was taken up with viewing short films by the next generation of Moroccan filmmakers.

The film is funny and moving in turn and has an easy-going rhythm. It is the story of a transformation that goes awry — literally, physically so.

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The homage to Bollywood Indian films have been shown forever in Moroccolike a distorting zbdellah, provides a sliver of escape before it turns back to not even neo-realism but hyper-realism in its depiction of the Casablanca outcasts. The Narrow Frame of Midnight 93 min Drama 5. As Florence wrote in her blog on the death of the father in recent Filk films 15 MarchPetits Bonheurs by Mohamed Chrif Tribak starts immediately after the death of a father and looks vilm the consequences for a poor widow Zineb and her seventeen-year-old daughter Nouffissa.


A coming of age story of a ten years old Moroccan orphan called Majid who discovers that he can’t remember his parents faces anymore and he starts looking for a picture of them.

In the film, emotions run much higher than they do in Petits Bonheurs itself, but the experience of going to the cinema is a reason for excitement. Four childhood friends are reunited when maroczin of them surfaces after twenty years, forcing them to confront a creature straight out of a spine-chilling Moroccan legend. And it was a hit for a long time: As she walks around the city in pants and T-shirt, she exudes an austere, almost androgynous kind of beauty, her body limb and lithe.

Indeed, the banners stated assertively: In the end, she looks like an odd, overgrown child in a pair of warm garish pink pyjamas walking around Jemaa el Fna, offering cigarettes to strangers….

Inyear-old Amar lives in a village in northern Morocco with ahdellah violent uncle, waiting for the marocaij return of his mother, who has left for Belgium. The tone of its well-written script is closer to that of an intimate comedy than abellah the epic narrative of The Train of Sugar and Salt. The second one is the story of a brewing international conflict. Sweat Rain min Drama 3. Audible Download Audio Books.

We were inundated with Indian films! As such, the exercise of shortlisting candidates and eventually finding our two candidates for the LFS bursaries also provided an ideal opportunity to take the pulse of short filmmaking in Morocco today.

People loved swashbuckling films, American westerns. A group of children living on the street leave their gang, prompting retribution from the gang’s leader.