This drama is ending too fast for me. Because I was your friend. Is it really going to be Ji Hyun that scheduler will have to take to elevator as his last job? I think I’m going to re-watch this even if this means I’ll tear up again. Thank you for the speedy recaps! I always kill it for myself by reading the recaps first It has it’s moments of comedy but the tone is consistently gray. HK hears this and is transported back to his and JH’s high school days.

The Almighty One granted her 7 more days in exchange to her spare 7 hours. Okay seriously, that is heartwrenching! Some parts were a bit too boring for me and I actually spent quite a lot of time fast forwarding certain scenes because I just wanted to find out what would happen next. I agree I really shouldn’t read the recaps before hand but something just drives me to it!! I totally agree with everything you wrote here. I thought the story line was quite original and entertaining.

That sounds weird out of context, but you know what I mean. Yi Kyung has to live and move on, know that she was loved, accept that the person she loved died, and move on.

But then again, I guess YiSoo accepted his fate already This drama is episore unpredictable. It takes massive emotions to elicit that type of response from me. Jane May 22, at OMG it was so sad.

Lenita May 20, at But can’t wait until tomorrow. She did look a lot like a doll. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


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That being said, this drama made me think about life and death and in the back of our minds, we file away the fact that we are destined to leave this earth someday, and without warning. Enough ranting about my dissatisfaction.

Ji-hyun recognizes the name of her club friend, but has no recollection about the seal, so Mom hurriedly lets the matter drop. We know for sure YK won’t die because of everything Scheduler told her.

49 Days Episode 19 Recap

Rina May 20, at 7: Yi-kyung is working at Heaven, though today is her last day. I can understand the symbolism and what not but Like JavaBeans said ” I leave feeling dissatisfied, and as we know, with dramacrasy, often the heartspeak is stronger than the headspeak.

Yi-soo, because Draamcrazy met you Kang: I’m one more on JB’s side. He takes her to a wishing statue, and tells her to toss a coin and make a wish. And that last picture–it hits me right in the heart: Please don’t be shy about posting here.

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Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yi Kyung is sitting in her dramcrazy, waiting for Yi Soo to come as he promised, asking him to hurry. I can’t agree more to this. Suddenly his Scheduler sunbae calls him and he zips off to meet Grandma Scheduler.


I have never cried such bucket loads of tears like I did for I can also accept that, maybe she broke dramafrazy celestial law or it’s just so she can say her goodbyes. Please keep posting and speculating I just finished it an hour ago!

Press conference to be broadcast LIVE! This drama was really good.

Kang finally looks up at her, tears brimming in his eyes. So In-jung goes to his mother, and asks for the file that he entrusted to her. I love my happyendings but I don’t mind the ending here because I felt the writer tackled the subject pretty nicely.

For instance, In-jung being the third tear is an example of a successfully episodw off storyline — because it was properly set up. My crying has reached new dimensions of how much tears can come out of my eyes per second. I think I need another box of Kleenex now that I actually know what happened in the episode.

Song Ee-kyeong Lee Yo-won hinted suicide and surprised the viewers.