Letters Home from Vietnam. The offending pages were taken down and the website no longer exists. Later, Sam contacts a waitress named Athena Elizabeth Reaser , with whom Henry has mentioned that he had fallen in love. Back when BBC properties were allowed to be used for commercial gain, Tom Baker and Lalla Ward — then a real-life couple — used their sexual energy to hawk the decidedly unsexy Prime range of microcomputers. The cameo was suggested by Dafoe, comparing it to the ghost of Hamlet’s father visiting his son to ask him to avenge his death. The English Patient was filmed in Tuscany , where Dafoe said he particularly enjoyed the “quiet moments in the monastery between shoots”. We’ve noticed you’re adblocking.

Can they have an effect on one another? The macroscopic aspect of the overall movie and relating it to a slow death was what really sold it for me. The Last Thing He Wanted. I left because of politics. Retrieved May 22, It is a bit thrilling to try to understand what the film was truly about. The ending is also adequate. For a solution we have to think back through the whole film, and now the visual style becomes a guide.

The following year, Dafoe took on another villainous role in The Clearingalbeit with a more sympathetic approach. When we analyze our dreams, a lot of it doesnt make any sense, thats how you should think of the oddities in the movie.

Someone said they were all gone and he realizes that he has no reason to stay. Just saw movie a year later for the second time. The rest of the movie wanders on with nothing happening really. It seems that you really misunderstood a lot of it and even failed to see the simplicity of the story amidst all the technical complexities. Inhe starred in the experimental film Antichristone of his ajagram films with Lars von Trier. John’s Cathedral in New York City.


Henry’s twenty-first birthday is Sunday, and Sam realizes that Henry plans to commit suicide on the Brooklyn Bridge in imitation of the artist.

Once we see it through a dream, once through reality. Kind of like the Wall, except Stay is deeper because it deals with this reality. This is just the director showing off and at the same time telling the viewer that this is a dream or taking place in the dream world between life and death.

Willem Dafoe

Sam and Lila repeat that word constantly in the final scene, and that is what keeps Henry alive. Retrieved from ” https: Volpi Cup for Best Actor. Lars anagrm Trier on Antichrist “. The dream seems to last three days but truly occurs in Ryans mind during his brief struggle for life which we see during the last 10 minutes of the film.

This dream is a transition between here and there life and death. Retrieved April 16, Nothing really in the middle.

Henry was fatally wounded in the crash but, in his last moments, is suffering survivor guilt. Dafoe has portrayed several real life figures including Goslimg.

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This was the first screenplay David Benioff sold. This threw me off some. No one ever wonders about these things anymore. Dafoe met director Elizabeth 0205 at The Performance Groupand the two began a professional and personal relationship there and at its successor company, The Wooster Group. To movie audiences accustomed to guarding “The Sixth Sense” twist, “The Crying Game” reveal and the identity of “The Usual Suspects” villain as if they were matters of homeland security, Forster’s unusual declaration comes as a breath of fresh air.


The Salt Lake Tribune. Gosling is a fantastic actor for his years and chooses excellent roles. T he future director of Alien, Blade Runner and Gladiator was working as a designer at the BBC in the early Anwgram, and was the man originally assigned to the episode that introduced thriloer Daleks.

Does he survive and heal himself as Lila did? Set in the Kingdom of Denmark, the play dramatises the revenge Prince Hamlet is called to wreak upon his uncle.

Sam investigates Henry’s circumstances and, after repeatedly attempting to reach Dr. Stay Did You Know? Way to Go Sean!

Nevertheless, the message is beautiful: Rather 205 is a symbol. The movie sucked and I wouldnt recommend it to anyone! I was expecting that at the end everything would make sense, but not really. Reading the comments above helped tremendously for partial understanding. Lou Lumenick of the New York Post panned the film, calling it “a trite, incoherent and pretentious bomb.

The explanation of the films strange events lies in Leons mention of Freuds fable about the burning boy.