Classroom activities must entail flexibility because several aspects influence the way they are conducted. Crawford emphasizes at least three of them: This definition is not contrary to the sociocultural perspective on beliefs that I discuss in the next section. In the role of collaboration and provided assistance, they highlighted the fact that besides learning, humans are capable to teach as well. During these moments, students remained silent. Observing classes allowed me to get to know the classroom routines, the usual interactions among the students and the teacher. Under a sociocultural perspective, Pavlenko Once they finished it, they would start new contents.

This suggestion to my view is a first step towards the understanding of conflicts that may occur in educational settings. She had to interrupt to shut them up. Results indicated average classification concerning intelligence. In addition, they also believed that only basic contents were possible to be taught there. Indiscipline was also reported during classroom observations, mainly in classes that focused on other activities that were not in the textbook, as excerpts 8 and 9, from my field notes show: Schools have been forced to embody new responsibilities that go beyond their main one with education; it has to be in charge of health, culture and social assistance Algebaile,

The exercise presented a list xo English words also common in Portuguese language. This time, students practiced reading aloud. As suggested by Macowskithese problems are common in both public and private contexts.

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Repetentess the following section, I describe the context of the study. For phase 2, I started with the feedback cards. As hard as adolescence can be, considering the innumerous changes I mentioned here, it also reveals an age for exploring potentials that benefits from the unfolding capacities in the story of their development.

The handbook of experimental economics results pp. It is very pleasant to be around affectionate and funny people. Just like Johnson For the final questionnaires, graphs were designed and the answers were categorized qualitatively. Students answered the first questionnaire during this class. Basso revisited some aspects regarding this period of foreign language teaching and learning, such as cognitive and affective oriented factors that are evident in the type of interactions that students have with their English teachers and with their colleagues as well.


Lengthening of the preceding sound In the first excerpt, for example, while one student was reading for the rest of the group, several students were not serid at all with the topic of the class.

In Brazil, the first texts became available with the translation of his collected works Language and Thought and Reppetentes in Society published earlier in the U.

Initially, I had planned to have the Focus Group not during an English class, but in another moment. Eccles et al considered how during adolescence it is common that motivation decreases from secondary school to the transition to high school. They like to go to school to meet their friends but may not be interested in learning Basso, ; Macowski, In this way, this could favor the development of good habits, based on positive beliefs that influence their actions in the classroom Pajares, As mentioned by Tudgestudents rely on their teacher to offer them the solution for every problem.

The students, however, are identified with pseudonyms.

Another important factor mentioned here, is that classroom 09 students have asked for extra classes and different activities i. In the first questionnaire, students generally cited the disruptive talking that constrained their learning possibility.

In the previous year, she had already been their English teacher, which explained their rapport and how well she knew each of them. A popular genre in literature named sturm and drang — translated as storm and stress — emerged. If we want to understand aluuno beliefs are situated, it is important to pay attention to contextual factors.

The beliefs were investigated under four aspects, namely: The etymology of this word suggests a continuation, that eepetentes, adolescents are growing up, are being nourished to a life of being part of an adult society. She concluded that these aspects could lead to a satisfactory learning experience while the contrary creates motivation decline and intensification of indiscipline.

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According to these authors, learners may have beliefs about the nature of English, the speakers of English, the four language skills, the teaching processthe good ways cadernp learning, about themselves as 16 However, I do recognize that even defining the social nature of beliefs I do not intend to imply that these authors necessarily share neo-vygotskian assumptions.


Following this trend, researchers seem to consider cognition no longer isolated from context but related to sociocultural aspects such as affect, which should be considered in interplay with cognition. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 86 so, Four of them were closed, two of them were open and the serue four were closed questions with an extra space for personal reoetentes or an explanation.

Class Transcription Audio ………………………………. Thus, some adaptations in games or rules always have to be made, but when combined with the regular classroom activities, they can get students to participate more. Richards defined belief systems as a set or display that teachers form throughout their career, which they take with them to their classrooms.

Trust, emotion, sex, politics, and science: Among different terminologies i. Six of these questions presented alternatives, but vaderno extra space for personal comments. Both games and music were chosen for reasons that reveal the impact of positive affective variables for the classes as shown in Table 11 below: With a group of fifth graders and through short narratives the author concluded that those language learners had a simplistic view of language which was basically a subject they studied and a set of words to be remembered.

CNS Spectrums, 9 Change is discussed based on perspectives from Applied Linguistics and other fields.

The first one, was a final open ended questionnaire applied in order to compare with the information provided in the beginning of phase 1 see appendix J. During these moments, students remained silent. In fact, as Fullan Also, I do not discard the fact that some students missed classes, and therefore, getting the actual 32 cards in one class, for example, did not happen at all.

And for four years, classroom 09 students have had English classes twice a week.